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  1. justice says:

    Thank the gods you made it through & hopefully retained your true self from before , but you will never know for sure . This is how the you Rich professional get genni pigs to test drugs on & sexually abuse when they are confined & know one can hear them call for help . Your G parents & parents ARE really responsible if they are not awake now & Anti , Anti-white I would never talk to them again but that’s just me . The way the Rich controlled professionals got you to go there was what ? Answer EXTORTION a common method of control by Rich controllers . Do your G parents & parents now know that it was used on them ? Or do they still think what they did was the right thing to do because of what some ” Professional ” said it was ? If they don’t give you ALL their disposable cash as payment for your damages they should be in jail for child abuse .


  2. Todd Burgess says:

    Please tell where these institutions are so we can be informed and empowered, not just scared.
    I’ve no doubt that you’ve suffered immensely, but without identification, these perpetrators will continue to do business as usual.


    1. sineadmcarthy says:

      I mentioned WWASP in my video. That is the World Wide Association of Specialty Programs. Any program that is run by them should be avoided, as should any “troubled teen” program that makes you cut off all contact with your children and has you sign away your rights as the parent. Thanks for watching.

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  3. I bet crusader girl was prepped to play the role of blair white by similar means.


  4. Brigid says:

    I was very touched by the interview Sofia did of you, Sinead, before and during which she showed so much respect for you, all your achievements, all the good works you do, and how much she valued your friendship. It cannot be easy for you to “revisit” the circumstances and time you spent in this ‘facility’, and I almost start crying hearing you tear up.


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