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  1. justice says:

    Thank the gods you made it through & hopefully retained your true self from before , but you will never know for sure . This is how the you Rich professional get genni pigs to test drugs on & sexually abuse when they are confined & know one can hear them call for help . Your G parents & parents ARE really responsible if they are not awake now & Anti , Anti-white I would never talk to them again but that’s just me . The way the Rich controlled professionals got you to go there was what ? Answer EXTORTION a common method of control by Rich controllers . Do your G parents & parents now know that it was used on them ? Or do they still think what they did was the right thing to do because of what some ” Professional ” said it was ? If they don’t give you ALL their disposable cash as payment for your damages they should be in jail for child abuse .

  2. Todd Burgess says:

    Please tell where these institutions are so we can be informed and empowered, not just scared.
    I’ve no doubt that you’ve suffered immensely, but without identification, these perpetrators will continue to do business as usual.

    1. I mentioned WWASP in my video. That is the World Wide Association of Specialty Programs. Any program that is run by them should be avoided, as should any “troubled teen” program that makes you cut off all contact with your children and has you sign away your rights as the parent. Thanks for watching.

  3. Brigid says:

    I was very touched by the interview Sofia did of you, Sinead, before and during which she showed so much respect for you, all your achievements, all the good works you do, and how much she valued your friendship. It cannot be easy for you to “revisit” the circumstances and time you spent in this ‘facility’, and I almost start crying hearing you tear up.

  4. whomstsblog says:

    I am in shock, thank you for sharing your past because this is something we all need to hear and be aware of, I had no idea the extent of brainwashing that was going on in Jewmerica, other than the standard “education” all kids receive at the local “school,” I had heard from my ex that when she went to elementary they had rules where they couldn’t turn around if they went past the doors, they’d have to follow the path—like a freaking car—all the way around and try again, I was horrified already at that as to me that seems like a method of psychological warfare on common sense, prepping one to follow arbitrary and meaningless rules for no reason at all. I had no idea it was this bad, the places you talk about exist as a sort of well-kept secret here in Norway, though it seems they are a lesser form as the people I knew were in and out without anywhere near the amount of trauma that the American ones inflict. The thing to fear here, and it boggles my mind how the parents here don’t physically fight them to the death honestly, is the government actually just taking your kid(s) and giving them away, they’ll deem the person—WITHOUT EVIDENCE—to be “mentally unfit,” either after just giving birth to their child or shortly after; my sister was personally threatened by these “psychologists” (one was a man with long hair dressing like an elderly woman, very effeminate and freaky) to be thrown into a mental institution and separated from my parents and me, thankfully the viking anger within us all as well as an absolute distrust for the government in general, kept us from being in a situation where their threats could be followed through. While writing this I remembered a friend of my ex also was almost put in one, he and his mom were in a hospital—I can’t remember why but he did suffer from some ticks and mental illnesses but nothing dangerous or slowing him down—the doctor examined him and decided he needed to go to an institution, they waited until the doctor left the room and then the mom helped him out of the hospital bed and they ran for their lives, I hope this becomes the natural instinct of all Americans, my ex had horror stories from friends and was afraid of institutions in general, honestly these places sound like they should be freaking besieged for crimes against humanity, in particular against Whites as it seems that’s the target demographic for these Jewish brainwashing psychological warfare centers. I thank the Gods for you and Kyle, and the rest of Renegade for waking me and my family up to these horrors, I hope others do too because the idea of a documentary on this sounds like exactly something we need!

    1. Thank you for your understanding. I am going to record a part II to this soon and get into the seminars.

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