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  1. PolesRunHo11ywood says:

    Sinead at her best!

  2. Hi Sinead! Welcome to WordPress đŸ™‚ The community on here from what I’ve noted is alot more receptive to women with ideas such as yours and you’ll be much less likely to get banned. I’ve been a fan of your rants about the hypocrisies of the WN and Alt-Right (aka Eurasian Nationalist) movements for a while now and it pains me to see that so few speak out about it. Thankyou for actually voicing your concerns on behalf of white women and for protecting us from these anti-white-women men. Also, the image you used on the left hand side of the race-mixed family – did you create that yourself? And if so, would it be okay if I potentially used it on a future post on my blog (with credit to you of course)?

    Can’t wait to see more of your uncensored content, nobody tells it how you do! Also if you’re interested I have a blog up about my experiences in being a Traditional Women’s Rights Activist (TWRA), this may be a term you have heard before but I believe my views are different as I also care about the future of white children, the importance of ethnic homeland, and the tragic loss of our traditional ancestral European spirituality.

    I don’t relate to many other women out there (I’m sure you may not either), so if you’d like to chat you can find my email on my blog at:
    The accusations and claims the ‘Alt-Right’ gayboys make about you are so bizarre and to think that you are (((chosen))) just for highlighting that they are yellow-fever fetish perverts, really shows them for the death cult swines that they are.

    Keep it up Sinead!

    1. Hey there! I did not make that image but you can find it on a google image search by searching “Eurasian master race”. Thank you for your support!

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