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  1. billy says:

    Like a fucking boss as always, Sinead!

  2. Anthony Roberts says:

    Six million – and we’d be richer! Great song Sinead. Keep exposing these jews and traitors!

  3. Guido says:

    Great song, lyrics and interpretation! Is there any way I can download it? Thanks

    1. You can use a youtube to mp4 convertor or I can e mail you the digital audio file or the video file.

      1. Guido says:

        Thank you Sinead, I already have that, I use Keepvid, which allows me to download even videos that I can’t view in my ZOG country (Italy). And there are many of them! However, I can’t find the button on this page which opens the video on youtube, from where I can download, it seems like I can only watch the video on this page.

      2. I am hosting the videos here instead of YouTube so they won’t get taken down. I can send you the video files if you would like.

  4. Guido says:

    Yes! Thank you, I’d love that. Possibly a video and an audio file 🙂 By the way, I heard that you might have some issues finding some of your older videos. If there is any particular video of yours you can’t find, I most likely have it saved, so just let me know and I will send it to you 🙂 I normally use Filemail.com for files up to 2GB.

  5. Zampan0 says:

    Round them up and throw them in. I wonder how long one would feel pain after landing on/in molten lava? Probably not very long. Jews have been known to starve millions of people to death when they had the power to do so. Starving to death would be a long drawn out horrible death. Gassing would be horrible as well. The only country that I know of that has had a government policy of lethal gassing is in the U.S.A. Capitol Punishment has been used in twelve states inside the US.

    1. sin says:

      I think the volcano would throw up them back out with the bad taste in it’s mouth!

    2. sin says:

      Julius & Ethel Rosenberg…The Jews that handed over the atomic bomb to Stalin were given the electric chair on June 19, 1953!…Ethel had to be electrocuted 3 times, for a total of fourth and a half minutes of smoking & frying!




  6. sin says:

    Sinead…Wow, another award winning Grammy song, luv it!…Thanx, for putting up name titles of people, now I can do more research on these slobs!…Hey can you put this up at TOGG?!…Keep up the awesome work Aries Snake!…Late, sin.

  7. sin says:

    If anybody gets a link for this at Jew tube?, let me know!…Thanx, sin.

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