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  1. PolesRunHo11ywood says:

    The information on Duke was brilliant. He has started calling himself the “grandfather” of the Alt-Right. He keeps stating Anglin is the number one guy under him who has the most influence.

    Who are these people? They must be exposed as the potential power and influence they will wield over awakening Whites will be tremendous. As Anglin recently stated on Dukes show, he believes it is his duty to sway and control minds via propaganda he and others like Duke decide is best for the White race.

    I would argue these guys are controlled by the Deep State, as random guys off the internet will not be allowed to sway and control opinion of the coming White awakening. Identity politics is the future and the Deep State is positioning itself to control all future outcomes. Anglin, Heimbach, Duke, Black, Red Ice, TRS and others are controlled and will be controlled, as the state cannot and will not allow these individuals to hold such potential power without it being controlled and reigned in at some level.

    It is Renegade’s duty to expose these shills and informants for what they are and raise enough awareness to allow said individuals to be circumvented at a future date. Knowledge is power and being aware of peoples actions and ideologies is key to ultimate victory.

    As for Brian Ruhe; I had undercover RCMP and Victoria PD attempt to have me meet with him in Vancouver, BC on multiple occasions. They suggested on those occasions, I should get together with Ruhe and get to know him. Informants, such as Ruhe, would then be instructed to incriminate the target in some fashion. Sinead is correct, as the Canadian scene is rife with cops tripping over each other to get ahead and get that promotion and new pay grade. I suspect the RCMP and local police forces intentionally screw each other over, too (along with the intended victim).

    Even the Hells Angels are corrupt in Canada, as the Kitchener Chapter and the East End Chapter (Vancouver, BC) are compromised and working hand in hand for the RCMP, OPP, Waterloo Regional PD and the Vancouver PD. It seems these chapters of the Hells Angels travel the world (and USA) gathering intelligence for Canadian police forces, who then share this information with other police forces internationally. I know for a fact, this sharing has occurred with Australia (in comes Shaun Surplus) and the FBI, DEA and other USA law enforcement, who attempted to entrap me with the full backing of the RCMP about 10 years ago while I visited the USA.
    Unfortunately, most people trust Canadians, seeing them as simple and innocent. This is not the case as the RCMP are incredibly corrupt, as are many local law enforcement pd’s. We are talking murder, rape, drug dealing etc. And the police protect and allow serious gangsters like the Hells Angels to commit crimes in exchange for said information. A Hells Angels associate by the name of Jason Scott has murdered multiple people and exported/imported drugs for years between the US and Canada is protected by the RCMP/Victoria PD and the FBI/DEA because he to provides information on Hells Angels, independent drug dealers, Cartel members and California Italian mafia figures. Also, Chris Dykstra, an RCMP officer, was heavily involved in the cocaine trade in Victoria, BC before becoming a police officer, whilst attending the University of Victoria. Chris Dykstra would guard Jason Scott’s cocaine shipments with a loaded .45 caliber handgun.

    To conclude, trust no one but do not live in fear either. If someone speaks nonsense or if a stranger tries to hit you up… walk away. Only assholes try to please others and they end up in prison (or dead). You owe no one.

  2. Panzergruppe says:

    This parody was funny, but Ruhewitz is simply acting like he didn’t post all of that OBVIOUS pro-jew/anti-white material. I honestly think he has a few hundred actual subscribers and 5K+ paid/bots.

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