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  1. PolesRunHo11ywood says:

    The jew has a 5000 year history of nation wrecking. As Sinead said: “Once you let them in…”

    I would argue TRS is a very strategic psy-op thought up by a jewish NGO whose sole purpose is to steer and control the minds of the awakening White majority. TRS is filled with jews and Enoch’s jewish wife is B’nai Brith (ultra-nationalist Zionists, whose goal is the complete subjugation of goyum throughout the Western world). Daily Stormer, TRS, Duke, Black, Alex Jones, Spencer, Heimbach et al. have a common thread of pro-Russian-Putin-Dugin worship and very shady backgrounds involving ties to Deep State organizations, which are themselves controlled by jewish money and influence.

    Eurasianism and Fourth Political Theory is clearly anti-Western (a reaction to Western [Atlantean] power and influence worldwide) and anti-White. It is a false narrative, made up by anti-Western Russian propagandists, who wish to create and assert Eastern, non-White power and influence into a cohesive Eastern spiritual block, which can successfully counter the Atlantean powers under a new autocracy based coalition. They believe the Turkish and Mongolian people had as much (if not more) positive influence over the evolution of civilizations than the Atlantean powers (the USA is considered “New Atlantis” under this model, as are Western European nations). Eurasianism sees itself central to West and East and thus seeks to blend both halves into a cohesive whole under non-White Turkish rule, all the while praising Genghis Khan as a great leader of men (a man who raped and murdered his way into the heart of Europe).

    This Eastern hypothesis is anti-White in nature, as it undermines racial purity, believing the mongrels of the East are somehow superior to the Aryan/Nordic/Germanic/Celtic man of the West due to an naturally innate spirtualism lacking in the West (a people who are morally inferior and spiritually bankrupt). These Russian slanderers of Western superiority falsely believe that the ruling class of Russia was always Turkish and that Genghis Khan was a White man of Aryan stock, who led an army of Aryans against the West (The original racial stock in Fourth believes the Slav is a usurper, only appearing at a later date and the Turk/Asian is the true and rightful ruler of Mother Russia). Fourth Political Theory is geopolitical (picture a large X across Europe and Northern Asia, representing Atlantean versus Eurasian influence) in nature and is NOT based upon a racial model of blood and soil (the natural Western, Atlantean and National Socialist model), as they falsely believe in the racial, spiritual and moral superiority of the mongrelized racial stock constituting Central Asia, such as the Turk or Mongolian (this retarded theory is actually quite amusing, as high IQ Eurasian’s deny the exceptional intelligence and creativity of pure blooded Western Europeans). I ask the reader, what has come out of Central Asia lately, besides refugees, rapists and parasites wishing to feed of the tit of the West.

    As the jew has a deep love of Genghis Khan and his crimes against humanity and continues to hold power over the former Soviet republics, one cannot help but conclude that Fourth Political Theory is only more jewish subversive thinking (much like their other jewish fairy tales, such as contained within the Talmud, Old and New Testament or even the Holocaust, whose numbers continue to dwindle daily [see Auschwitz lowers death toll from 4 million to 1 million or 5 million non-jewish work camp deaths were invented to garner sympathy for the alleged jewish Holocaust]).

    Anyways, see for yourself what Dugin, Red Ice, Duke, Heimbach, Spencer et al. proclaim to be the coming new world order (an anti-White mongrelized hellhole ruled over by Turkish/Mongolian ‘Eurasian’ supremacists. What we have is a model which replaces the jew as overlord, with that of a mongrel, non-White Turkish, Asian super-class (completely laughable, as they are attempting to assert spiritual and intellectual superiority over Western thought and morality).


    Also, Thank you, Renegade for being a voice of reason, as these ‘people’ must be exposed.

    Knowledge is power!

  2. Panzergruppe says:

    Am I the only one that thinks this guy looks like that fat ass-spelunker Harvey Fierstein?

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