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    These fags have no place in a healthy society.

  2. Thank you for your work Sinead! You are a true Aryan Warrior Goddess we need more women (men wouldnt hurt either lol) like you to call out the scum that is infiltrating the movement ! #protectwhitewomen #stopwhitegenocide

    1. Wanted to add this: it should be called Bath House Sexism because it really doesnt have much to do with Nationalism anymore at all. Its just faggots and shills going: white women this white women that.

      1. Good point.

  3. Judith Glue says:

    This is great stuff, Sinead.

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    The MGTOW never actually go. The term must be sarcastic, right?
    Their lives are so meaningless that, without women to seek out, pester or bitch about, they’d probably kill themselves.
    Blaming women for the failures of men, same patterns as their fathers generally. Women don’t claim to be running the show and cannot or should not be expected to act like or as men, depending on who you ask.

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