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  1. 78Tanya says:

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  2. Parker says:

    Watched this video a few days ago, and at first I just found it interesting, and now today I find it totally miraculous. It works literally as magic spells. Think spoken affirmations. Spoken words and mental thoughts are both vibrations, but spoken words are amplified thoughts. So if you say “I am completely healing”, your body literally heals itself. The catch is that it has to be positive because what we put out we get back at least twice because it’s the amplification of internal thoughts, so trying to cast bad spells to hurt others is foolish because (to paraphrase Buddha) its like “trying to throw a hot coal at someone and expecting them to get burned”. This is literally the art of true alchemy though, it’s not about finding some magical stone or chemical experiment, it’s about literally achieving such a high level of internal mastery that we are able to restructure the external world by properly diracting our internal energies. It may sound absurd, but it’s hold up spiritually and scientifically. I’m still a huge beginner at this, but we all have the divine breath of life flowing through us, and the slower we breath the more we tune in with higher states of spiritual consciousness. Slow breath meditation combined with focused concentration and strong will power and we can achieve just about anything good with blissful ease.

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