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    We made it big time Heathen Women readers!

    1. Congratulations! So glad to see you and Heathen Women getting much deserved recognition. You have been doing such a great job and now you are being properly recognized.. Thank you for all that you do for us.

    2. Bella says:

      Any as seen in Marie Clair Heathen Women merchandise?

      1. Lol. That would be great.

  2. PolesRunHo11ywood says:

    Why are they using a commie fist for White Nationalism?

    Mat Heimbach.

  3. The theory is , this Mag. is of course owned & operated / published by Rich Anti-White race people . The rich controllers of everything are possibly getting concerned about the possibility of the White race becoming awake to their White race genocide & stopping it by separating from its causes by reading sites on the net like yours , which of course will make the rich controlling Anti-White race people less wealthy by making their dollars worthless . They are realizing that censoring is costing them more money to control the web . So, What they decided to do was give you a very little advertising in one of their minor controlling Mag.’s spinning White race people that want to preserve their White race as bad in some way to their readers . Now , here’s the kiker , I mean kicker , they will soon offer you (Because of your wonderful talents ) a job to write for them on other issues for maybe 40- 50k a year & free condo use in warm climate for 2 weeks a year , . Of course it will take all of your time to work for them & they would reserve the right to edit your stuff . Are you ready for your payoff like so many before you have taken from the Ant-White race rich controllers ? This is a loyalty test . What they won’t tell you is after a few months they will fire you & you will be viewed by Whites as a sell out & they will have discredited you as a White race speaker .

    1. Wtf? They won’t offer me anything and I won’t take any offer. You leave some of the weirdest comments.

  4. Actually , the theory is sound . This payoff stuff by those people controlling things are common practice in business . They try to corrupt people with bribes all the time , & most everyone has a price, & they just print more money to cover it because they control M4 & currency ect. . . Its just they have a different set of what they value because they have different race genetics than we do . Its no big deal to them to bribe people then to demoralize them , then take away their money & ruin them just enough to turn them back into goyslaves again with less money than they had before . Its entertainment to them . White race people must wake up & separate from the causes of White race genocide .

  5. White race Women are better organizers than White race men . They need / must post notices on their local store / public notice boards in their areas (Starting with WRG on the notice ) to form ALL & only White race communities in their areas . State where /when to meet & screen each person (AFTER THEY PROVE THEY ARE OF THE WHITE RACE ), what they could /can bring to the community in their future if accepted . Make sure they are above a certain income & education level , lowlifes need to be carried we don’t need them in our communities & we can’t afford it (most of us )anyway .

  6. Oh , one other thing , screen out White race people that adhere to any Anti-White race religions -(the ones that promote/ condone race mixing) & White race people that have & are still working for Org.s , Gov.s -city , county, national , that used to, or now are , gathering data on people . Those White race people might still be supporting their old agenda for the rich controlling Anti-Whites as “Authorities or enforcers ” . Even though they might be awake now they spent most of their lives helping the Anti-Whites , I just would not trust them that they were not still gathering data on White race people in the communities for rich people outside the communities .

  7. Frab says:

    The mere fact that they described your site as a place where women discuss parenting, yoga, arts & crafts etc etc. should have enough normies raising their eyebrows. “Those evil skinheads do everyday stuff like I do? Hmm interested to find their point of view”

    Great work

  8. Skylgarir says:

    Congratulations! Like some jew once said, there is no such thing as bad publicity!, or words to that effect. The

    I find it quite odd that there is no prolapse over Black supremacism such as the Black Fathers Support Group in the UK, which the media are actually lauding and exhorting as a “good thing”.

  9. nadezhda says:

    The media and jewgle(Google) are constantly bashing norse paganism / asatru/ odinism . In Maine , the libraries only have books trashing the norse people and religion and people like Steve Mcnallen/Asatru Folk Assembly and put people in fear thinking anyone that’s white and wants to promote white European spirituality and groups are ” white supremacists.” It’s okay to have books in the children’s section promoting an actual supremacist group like Black Lives Matter but oh no, not a peaceful white interest group or religion. I’m so sick of it. I would love to see an article / video on how Zionist Jews control public libraries . Magazines like Marie Claire are the standard and not the exception to mainstream reading material.

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