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  1. Anthony Roberts says:

    Thank you Sinead, Kyle and Hugh. You are untangling this nightmare jewish filth for the average person to understand, and hopefully act upon.
    A fine piece of true investigative journalism. I hope that newswoman watches this and feels utterly ashamed of herself.

  2. PolesRunHo11ywood says:

    Very informative and well done. Thank you.

    Have you guys heard the new video of John Podesta torturing children? The freak even takes on alter-ego’s/split personalities. Disturbing.


    1. FZOG says:

      I normally am hardened and can contain myself when it comes to some pretty harsh material, but listening to this Jew piece of shit torturing this child really turned my stomach. I would love to get my hands around this sick piece of shit’s neck.

    2. FZOG says:

      As always, you guys do some fantastic work. Kudos!

  3. You gotta love those rich people that run things . Yikes , if true . I wonder how many J JC churches that are around in your area have crazies in them . Those J.’s /JC.’s seem to have a lot of ped. abnormalities in comparison to other non-J . or JC’s I think its genetic combined with learned behavior through their religions they adhere to , those people should not have any money to bribe people for their abnormal behavior cover up .

  4. Chappuis says:

    Is this possible for set subtitles french or english please ?

    1. If you can find someone to translate I can send them the script.

  5. Chappuis says:

    where is the part II ?

    1. We’re currently in production. Should be out in about 4 months.

  6. Anders Dahl says:

    I tried to upload it on youtube, It sayed it was done downloading so I controlled my page and it was not there. Same thing happen’d with Hellstorm, Youtube have some how block the videos.

    1. Jacob Cain says:

      I’ve tried the same thing but Jewtube has put copyright strikes on both those videos.

  7. Katherine Magdangal says:

    Where/when is part II?

    1. We are in the process of making part II and it should be out in about 3-4 months. Hopefully sooner.

  8. Frank says:

    Great work guys . Can you give the names of those guys at 46.22 , 47.06 and 48.13 who were joking about child sex ?

    1. golmash says:

      Gilbert Gottfried & Bob Saget

    2. sin says:

      Those kikes are Gilbert Gottfried (46.22) & Bob Saget (47.06 & 48.13).

  9. agenturus says:

    Excellent work Sinead!

  10. sin says:

    Hi Sinead!…Really miss you a lot on Jewey Ass Jew Tube!…Wow, really loved this piece on Pizzagate, looks like you are just starting to scratch the surface of the tip of the iceburg of the disgusting things international dirty jewry does to children!…Keep up the good work!…Luv ya, sin.

    1. Happy to see you here Sin!

      1. sin says:

        Sinead…I don’t know if you followed what happened with PewDiePie?…But if not, he is this dude from Sweden, who has the most amount of subscribers on Jewey Ass Jew Tube (over 53 mil) and he made these jokes about jews and what happened to him after!…Check out the PewDiePie playlist on my channel!…Late, sin.

        sin – Secret Information Network

  11. sin says:

    GOYIM GODDESS…..Playlist on Jewey Ass Jew Tube:

  12. sin says:

    Sinead…I stumbled onto these song parodies on Jewey Ass Jew Tube, there not as good as yours, but here they are…

  13. sin says:

    Wow it feels good to be in a place where your comments are not being “ghosted” by kikes!

  14. sin says:

    Sinead…I don’t know if you are aware of it or not, but you have your clock on comments set to London time, my posts are showing London time…sin

  15. sin says:

    Jimmy Savile molesting girl on live TV!

  16. reinertobi says:

    Thank you for this in depth summary. I’ve never really looked that deep into Pizzagate, since I’ve taken it as a given that the Jews and their minions do this shit and worse. Keep up the great work.

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