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  1. I really like all the songs the Sinead does. Why you ask, because its honest, entertaining and not politically correct!! I like people who are straight forward, and who are not sycophantic. The Reich Was Right!!!

  2. Brigid says:

    No wonder he embraces jews and is said to be popular among the Russian jews. Check out The Algemeiner 8/11/16 article entitled, “Here’s a First: Hezbollah Paper says Putin is Jewish” by Elder of Ziyon. By gosh, I think Sinead is right — Vladimir is a Jew. Btw, the article referred to is in Lebanon’s As-Safir.

  3. sin says:

    Ya Sinead this is the one video that I disagree with you on!…Putin is a Greek Orthodox Christian, always carries a cross that his mother gave him on his person, and he also supports and lets Christianity flourish in Russia…We both know the jews hate Christianity and want nothing more then to wipe it and Christians off of the face of the earth!…Sure it is common knowledge that Putin is former KGB, but I really don’t think he is working for the jews, on the contrary I think the Rothschilds want nothing more than to take him out!

    sin – Secret Information Network

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