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    1. Artemisia Imperatrix says:

      After all, he chose to live in France, a country where racial awareness is close to zero, and this is not something new. Arthur de Gobineau’s essay “The Inequality of Human Races” received more attention in Germany than in France. Even in the 1930s you could interracial couple in Paris, something that horrified other european people, especially the germans. Charles Maurras, the leader of the Action Française, a monarchist association, event thought that the notion of race was devoid of scientifical truth, which barenakedly means : “race don’t exist”.
      This continues today with Alain Soral and his association for Equality and Reconciliation (except beetween the sexes), which reunites christian and muslim fundamentalists. It also promotes patriarchy and hatred towards women, using the same alt-right rhetoric. Soral is also a whoremonger and a notorious womanizer who enjoys sleeping with 18-25 women (he is 58), and even dates non-white women. He even had homosexual experiences by the past. All this while bragging about his hellenic christian “modesty”.
      France is hell on earth for any white person that opposes race-mixing and wants to preserve his/her european heritage.

  1. Elisabeth Maslard says:

    Yes Sinead, I have found this Varg more than weird, criticising us more than fighting for his race with his stupid military cap and jacket. Why does he live in France by the way? I’ve heard him criticising the country which welcome his family too! White Friends, White Family, STOP following and listening to this guy please…!

  2. minawyatt says:

    I’m disappointed, but I was actually holding my breath for him to do something like this. Think of all the good he could have done.
    I’m sick too sinead, and more angry than I could ever imagine. You’re right, he would only have to take a short trip to any inner city now to get the truth. I bet he wouldn’t walk through Paris after dark.

  3. Anthony Roberts says:

    Hear hear! Well said Sinead. Varg the ‘tard is the ultimate traitor cuck! Who are his paymasters? Let me guess, i’ll have a “stab” at it….the jews!!

      1. Proof that’s his daughter?

      2. “Question by Ann from France: Please tell something about Your family. How are Your wife and Your daughter doing? Are they keeping well? Do You often see them?

        My father is an electronics engineer working as the security manager in a firm, my brother is a graduate civil engineer and is working in the administration of some security firm, my mother has some annoying complex education (so I don’t bother listing it here) and she is working in a large oil company. My daughter is still in elementary school… I don’t see my daughter very often (twice since 1993, to be exact), and in fact haven’t seen anybody in my family since October last year, but that is due to “prison circumstances”. After I was transferred to Trondheim prison, last month, I can take a visit every week actually. I have a good relationship to my family, although my daughter doesn’t know me very well – obviously.

        As for my “wife” I don’t know what You are talking about. I have never been married to my daughter’s mother not have I ever been married to anybody else. You could say I’m still waiting for that princess to come falling down from the sky and into my lap… ”
        Source: http://www.burzum.org/eng/library/2004_interview_bg.shtml

        Also, just do a basic google search of her name Rebekka Sivertsen. He never raised her because he was in prison.

  4. Brigid says:

    You speak for me, Sinead. So well said with all the emotions I feel after listening to this jerk. What is your response to each of the points Sinead powerfully made, Varg, as if I care?

  5. johnsmith says:


  6. freelancr says:

    Varg totally lost his mind again. This psycho is a murderer, a totally unstable mind. Listen to his Death Metal music. It is an abomination. Fuck this psyho.

  7. freelancr says:

    Reblogged this on Fake News Guru.

  8. Bare Ligenu says:

    Our forebears – which we are a result of – weren’t aware of the dangers of the ((merchant people)).
    That such a small tribe can overtake a whole civilization and run it down the drain – is a result of our weakness.

    If we are smart and strong we survive – If we aren’t, we don’t. This parasitic people is a natural development – as all parasites is in nature are. Consider our current situation as the ultimate trial – as an unavoidable change of the world as we know it. Out of this must and will come a refined, strong, Stoic European people.

    1. Yeah but that doesn’t mean we deserve this or that it’s just “nature” taking it’s course.

  9. He broke under the pressure of sheks being flashed in his face to shut him up . But to the people that are his gurus he needs to make them think he has some sort of Stockholm syndrome so they won’t stop watching his vids. Anyway , its just a theory .

  10. 1488 says:

    Varg>Sinead. Sinead offers nothing, no solutions. Varg is offering a plan B so to speak…

    1. lol A “plan b” of rolling over and dying? Yeah! Sounds great.

  11. PWHB says:

    What a strange turn. How did he go from black metal to paganism to “Well, maybe we deserve all this?”. Maybe he is stuck in his European countryside bubble.

  12. Absolutely you are right about him, I recall seeing him some time back on another video, and at that time he seemed okay. However, now he sounds like a Goof!! The only point where I differ with you, is that, I haven’t ruled out the possibility that he has had the thumb dropped on him i.e. mafia style only in this case its Jewish. This is just speculation on my part, and doesn’t detract from your comments. I will reblog this and tweet it out there, as it were. Keep up the good work that you do, you are invaluable to!!! 88

  13. William says:

    It is very surprising that Varg, of all people, would parrot these kosher pieties.

  14. Steve shultz says:

    I think his point is about technology and the modern ,unnatural and destructive way western society lives now. Our decadence makes us weaker and we will ultimately succumb to less primitive and more aggressive forces. All empires fall

    1. LOL! The only reason I let this one through is because you’re clearly a jew shilling for Varg Kikernis. (((Shultz)))

  15. X says:

    This comment was not replied to, but removed: “It’s the Earth, huh? Wow. (And not the ones?)” And if he talks the truth on JT, with +100000 subs, why isn’t he banned?

    1. I didn’t delete any of your comments. Nice try.

      1. White Raven says:

        Well, you deleted my comments. Nice to see some censorship on this alternative channel. Varg is just careful, he would lose his income (again), if he complains too much about the Jews, he’s got other priorities like taking care of his family.

      2. Actually, your hasbara tactics of spamming me w bunch of BS got your retarded comments put in the spam folder and they will stay there since you have been a rude asshole 🙂

      3. X says:

        Umm… No you didn’t, did I imply that

      4. Okay then. I’m not understanding your original comment.

  16. Somedude says:

    Varg needs a gold kike star on his little camo hat. Great dissection of his video Sinead.

  17. freelancr says:

    Let’s take a look at Vikernes Bio (from Wikipedia):

    “A native of Bergen, Vikernes spent part of his childhood in Iraq.” Interesting. What was he doing in Iraq?

    “in music from a young age, he began playing guitar at the age of 14 and became part of the early Norwegian black metal scene in 1991 when he founded Burzum. In 1992, he was allegedly involved in burning down at least three Christian churches in Norway, along with other members of the scene.”

    Sounds like Satan-inspired arson to me.

    If someone thinks this is in any way elevating music he or she sould think again.


    This sounds like gurgling directly from hell.

    “In August 1993, he was arrested and charged with the murder of Mayhem guitarist Øystein “Euronymous” Aarseth. In May 1994, he was found guilty of murder and the earlier church arsons, and sentenced to 21 years in prison. He maintains that he killed in self-defense and denies responsibility for the church arsons, though he supported them.”

    no comment

    “During his time in prison, Vikernes became affiliated with the Norwegian Heathen Front,”

    Now, a satanic infested mind meets Heathenism. Interesting mixture.

    “Having served over 14 years of his sentence, Vikernes was released on parole in early 2009.”

    Well, one could speculate that he was released early after signing a deal with the ZOG authorities to infiltrate Nationalisitc movements?

    All in all he seems mentally unstable to me, accompanied with delusions on top of his satanic, anti-christian past. This is a very bad condition to qualify as a WN thought leader.

  18. Roadkill says:

    By “pee pills” he means estrogen pills (HRT) specifically premarin, that are made out of horse urine. Menopausal women who want to have more sex and can’t deal with growing old + trannies take them.


    “For most of their 11-month pregnancies, these horses are confined to stalls so small that they cannot turn around or take more than a single step in any direction. The animals must wear rubber urine-collection bags at all times, which causes chafing and lesions, and their drinking water is limited so that their urine will yield more concentrated estrogen.”

    1. And what about all the testosterone being put into the water supply by trannies taking it to become men? It’s all bad.

      1. Brigid says:

        And there is an immense pressure on many married women as they get older to try very hard to continue to please their husband, and to take estrogen when prescribed by their doctors. It takes two to tango, and although I have chosen not to take estrogen, it is unfair to solely blame the woman in such an accusatory fashion as has ‘Roadkill.’ Thanks, Sinead.

  19. Sam.freir says:

    Stfu you stupid fuck! Everything you said in this shitty video, Varg has already said before, you’re contributing with nothing new. He is completely right about white greedy people harvesting what they have sown, as well as African, Hispanic,Asian and Jewish like yourself. Your mask has fallen, a “Jewish pretending to be white pretending to hate Jews”. I know what you want, you want a race war because you’re a racist Jewish bitch. A lot of people like you on YouTube now, preaching hate and racism. White people aren’t racist, being against white genocide doesn’t mean we should hate on everyone else. Live a simple life and prepare for the collapse that your people have created, this is what Varg says.

  20. Thinking about the whole thing it is very & easily possible that the image of Varg in the vid is not Varg at all but a computer generated image of Varg & the real Varg took the Shek’s & disappeared & changed his name with the help of the Rich anti-Whites .

  21. mike1232013 says:

    Excellent and very well stated !! I always knew this Varg Vikerness was another Tim Wise White race hating, most likely a crypto-Jew

  22. Lets assume that Varg is a computer generated image . Think about it , The rich controllers would go to such lengths to keep the secret of White race genocide from becoming public knowledge to the average White race person . The Time of Separation from the causes of White race genocide is now t!!!! The Rich controllers will do anything & spend as much money as possible to keep the secret of White race genocide from becoming public knowledge .

  23. Steed says:

    Varg is responsible for awakening thousands upon thousands of Europeans. He’s been promoting the same Pagan Nationalist Ecological message his entire adult life. Why not open up a dialogue and ask him to clarify himself, if you dislike something he said, instead of going into full attack mode?! Or is it because he promotes meat-eating and mocks Flat-Earth? Guess what – I”m a Vegan who thinks Flat-Earth has some plausible aspects. Varg and I disagree on some things. The Renegade team and I disagree on somethings. What matters is the overall intent – and Varg is ‘on the money’ most of the time.

    Anyone who’s followed Varg’s work over the many years knows that he knows full well who is pushing white genocide. He was vocal about that years before Renegade came along. He’s never shied away from it other than to ensure he doesn’t get his home raided by the police again. I wouldn’t have worded his message the way he did in his video, but at the heart of it his point is to improve European mankind so that we can win our territory and way-of-life back. Furthermore, he’s not the first Jew-wise thinker to discuss the machinations of the ‘Kali Yuga’ – a corrosive force above and beyond the consciousness of man. We all know that Europeans need to improve. This was Varg’s take-home message.

    And no, he’s not a shill. For various reasons I know a lot about Varg and his history. He is as far from a shill as it comes in the movement.

    1. Saying we deserve genocide totally help us! What a great man he is. Such bravery.

      1. Steed says:

        That’s not his message. His message is that we as a race need to shape up – and who can argue with that?! We’re a shadow of our former selves *because* of the Jew, but we won’t become our noble selves again because of the Jew; We’ll only achieve that because of *us*. We need to improve, and Varg knows it.

    2. Steed says:

      “Hollywood jew controlled opposition”

      Riiiiight! A Nordic guy who became famous making original artistic music, has been to prison, written multiple books on Paganism and European identity, basically made himself unwelcome in his homeland because of his political views, spends all of his time making and raising white children whilst detaching from the Jewish system, spends the rest of his time making youtube videos advising young nationalists how to free themselves, had his front door kicked in by police who thought he was planning a terrorist attack, had to fight a subsequent court battle against the French state…

      …yeah this guy is a model shill

    3. Steed says:

      “When Vikernes was convicted, it was possible to be released on parole after serving 12 years of a 21-year sentence, but in 2002, before he became eligible, the Norwegian Parliament had extended this to 14 years. In June 2006, after serving 12 years, Vikernes was denied parole by the Department of Criminal Justice for this reason.[63] His lawyer, John Christian Elden, has complained that the policy change is a form of retroactive legislation. Article 97 of the Norwegian constitution forbids any law being given retroactive force. Vikernes was denied parole again in June 2008, although he was allowed to leave Tromsø Prison for short periods to visit his family. His full sentence would run for another seven years.[63][64][65] In March 2009, however, his parole was announced. He had then served 15 years of his 21-year sentence.[66] On 22 May 2009, he confirmed that he had been released from prison on probation.”

    4. If Varg is not a shill, then what is he?? I suppose you’re going to say a luddite. Sorry this doesn’t change a thing, I have lived in Asia for about 15 years in three communist countries, and believe me the sanitation standards as well as the overall education of the masses, is lower than us in the west. To suggest that we are the problem is foolishness. In every communist country that I worked in, the people disliked their governments, and they are are putting their hope in the children, who once grown will replace them ( meaning the government officials). Why, because they are tired of poverty, filth and want! What they don’t see, is the insidious nature of the UN or the Zio-globalists who are already there to stifle this hope. Let me spell it out for you, oligarchy doesn’t care about a renaissance of culture or a rebirth of humanity or the planet. It desires one thing only, and that is the perpetuation of oligarchy, hence a race mixed, rootless humanity genetically engineered to be non aggressive, is highly attractive to them. Why in the hell would any white nationalist, especially a socialist one, agree to the inanity he was proposing in this video. My advice to you is, give him a cup of coffee, tell him to shake his head and wake the f@#$ up!! The Reich Was Right!!

    5. It’s one thing to find fault with someone’s philosophy/words. There’s not one thing to prove up the “He’s a Jew’ charge nor the one earlier in the thread made against Sinead.
      Matt was targeted for destruction.Took them several years to do it, and the case should’ve been thrown out, as the confidential informant was ‘disabled’ and, most likely, retarded–making his work for SPLC and FBI illegal/inadmissible.

      I don’t know a lot about Varg, but have seen some of his posts on VNN. He seems like an intelligent, secular White loyalist to me.

      No, I don’t think we deserve what we’re getting–but an observation about Whites that is unflattering is not always a bad thing–there are Whites in collusion with (((the puppetmastahs))) who do plenty of shit that is destructive to Whites, and they should be called out on it.
      Same with nature–if we don’t get in line with nature (for instance protect our biological identity aka race), we will be ‘thrown off’ the earth because we didn’t try.

      To make a long story a lil longer: I see why that made Sinead get all triggertastic.

      I also see his point could be taken wrongly.
      And doubt 100% he’s a Jew. If he’s a Jew I’m a ginormous nigger.

  24. Brian says:

    Watch me slay Varg minions on stormfront


  25. Trent says:

    So much dumb in one comment section. Its clear who the shills are here.

  26. Kyle says:

    This reaction video concerns me greatly. I’m not a fan of Varg, though I’ve watched enough of his content to understand what he stands for. He is not a shill. He’s one of the few online personalities that I firmly believe to not be a shill. He’s doing the one thing that the rest of us are not fully able to do, he’s opting out of this rigged jewish controlled system. Don’t get me wrong, Renegade is doing a great job of raising awareness of the jewish problem, but we’re all still playing by their rules whether we like it or not. Varg chooses not to play their game.

    I don’t know if this reaction video is a misunderstanding, of what Varg was saying or if there is something more nefarious at play here. But most of the points you’ve raised are total strawan arguments. When Varg says “we” , he’s referring to western society as a whole that stood by and let the Jews rape this planet for their profits. By turning a blind eye to these deeds and being willfully ignorant the general population is very much to blame. As they say, “The only thing necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that good men stand by and do nothing.” .

    I’m not one of those self hating liberal faggots, but I’m also not going to act like like I’m some helpless disenfranchised victim.

    1. Varg still uses money. He has not escaped the jewish usury system. Living in a cabin without electricity does not magically make the jewish bankers disappear.

    2. I’m not going to act like a victim either. That’s why I’m calling out the enemy and fighting for my life.

    3. Panzergruppe says:

      Varg is doing less than Renegade. Think about that. The guy releases videos on average every day with hollow content – sound familiar? How can you do that unless THAT is your “job?” In other words, I think he gets paid by the system in some way/shape/form to proffer his unneeded opinion on a daily basis backed a laughable amount of “subscribers.”
      Renegade has done Hellsturm and do their best to have edifying radio hosts and guests and actually unite a white National Socialist community while Varg sits his gay ass in his SUV and talks about how we somehow deserve what the kikes are doing to us. F___ that effeminate traitor and his faux-tough guy image.

  27. Yoshiko says:

    Wonderful work! This is the type of information that should be shared around the web. Shame on Google for not positioning this post higher! Come on over and visit my site . Thanks =)

  28. Panzergruppe says:

    YES!!! I cannot STAND this over-opinionated c*nt talking about pollution WHILE SITTING IN HIS CAR!
    “We” this, “we” that – REALLY? I’ve never opened a nuke plant and haven’t cut a tree down IN DECADES, you loudmouthed asspipe. He’s nothing more than a Paul J Watson clone who wears camo.

  29. sin says:

    Sinead…This dude sounds like Al Gore on crack!…LOL…This dude is a fucking idiot and should just shut the fuck up and go choke on a shot gun!…I watched the whole video which he calls, The Solution…(The Kikes Final Solution To Destroy The West With An Enemy Invasion!), the whole video sounds like a classic jewish psy-op piece!…He’s basically saying to us…”We are the Problem!…Fuck Us!…We need to be gotten rid of!”…Fuck You Jewish Parrot!…He also says, “Maybe that is why we have mass immigration, it is Mother Earth trying to get rid of the problem!”…No you dumb bitch, it’s not Mother Earth’s fault, it’s not White’s fault, it’s not technology’s fault (Technology is great!)…IT’S THE JEWS fault we are being invaded by hostile enemies!…It was all planned out by the kikes!…It’s all part of the dirty jews master plan for world domination!…The kike mason Albert Pike talked all about the plan for ww3, involving the muslims and other groups!

    Then he tries to backpedal with his classic double talk saying in his comments, “People who don’t understand what I said are stupid!”…No buddy you are stupid!…Then he reveals his real motives in the comments when he says, “Israel is self-destructing just like Europe is.”…No buddy Israel (the official State of Rothschild) is doing just fine, the Rothschild’s are worth between 100-700 trillion dollars, the Rothschild’s own 80% of Israel, Israel walled itself off from the goy, Israel is expanding it’s borders killing Palestines & building more settlements, the US was used as mercenaries to destroy Afghanistan, Iraq & Libya for Israel!…Now all those displaced people are flooding the rest of the world as an attack army for ISRAHELL!

    If you really knew what happened with Fukushima and the JEWISH SABOTAGE involved you wouldn’t blame technology you fucking dumb ass!

  30. Thanks for this video Sinead, I always knew there was something up with him.
    What gave it away for me, was the very first time I saw any of his content and he had the classic alt-fag slide show of random pictures of random young women as imagery to his video. It really rubbed me the wrong way especially considering his age and that he is married. The final nail in the coffin was his other video where he talked about traditional women or something like the ‘very best women’ and specified that as like age 15-16 or something. It was SUPER creepy – never looked at his content again and tried to act like he didn’t exist.

    He really isn’t on our side at all & I can’t believe that he won’t just name who the real enemy is. Funny how nu-right men screech about how he is the ideal ‘traditional’ candidate when he isn’t even pro-white.


  31. PJ says:

    Having a great-grandparent or a grandparent of the Chosen Ones will be enough to get you admission to the Tribe along with a large Jew Tube following and good income that allows you to sit back and make hasbarat videos all day long. When I look at his arrogant, devious little smirk as a youngster, I wonder about his true bloodlines. What I keep finding over and over again is the one common thread that connects the majority of shills. That is their family ties to the Tribe and I get the feeling he has it somewhere.

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