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    Kosher food experiment!

  2. Your a really a nasty racist mick whore…but good lord your hairs are beautiful.

    1. Why are you even checking this site? To trigger yourself? Also, thanks for proving me right that jews are the true racists.

    2. sin says:

      Israeli children all dressed up for the Purim celebration!


    3. sin says:

      Lucifer Loving Masons!…The MASON symbol is shaped like a 6 pointed SATANIC HEXAGRAM!


    4. sin says:

      This is an anagram, ANOMS switched around spells out, MASON.


  3. An informative video, I didn’t realize that a Kosher tax existed on food, as well as all the kosher symbols. In the future, I will be on the lookout for these symbols. In Canada, we do have a tax on food that is for items considered not whole or unprocessed, also, I am not sure if we pay a hidden Kosher tax. It may very well be the case that we do, seeing that our provincial and federal governments are ZOG, and have been for some time. If we are paying this tax, I will be very pissed off, because its an egregious assault supporting our common enemy!! Anyway, that’s my two cents worth, as it were. 88!!

    1. ALEXANDERRADOS we absolutely pay a kosher tax in Canada. Big chains like Loblaws will refuse to carry non-kosher foods if a kosher alternative exists. I estimate upwards of 80% of all food sold in supermarkets is kosher. I know Lebanese Christians who run a bakery, they distribute there bread all over, they explained to me the would lose 95% of their business if they didn’t pay of the Jews. They qualified that extortion as “good business”.

    2. staffordmotion says:

      Canada EH! Of course this is a tax. My father founded Stafford Foods Limited in Toronto, Canada and eventually built it into one of the nations largest food companies coast to coast and export. I remember him telling me about wanting to expand sales so went with the kosher symbol on our labels. Well the rabbis came to our large factory and never even inspected how we processed the food. They just stood on the factory floor and chanted some unintelligible religious crap and then picked up a healthy cheque and left. Not caring if we were poisoning people, so tell me if this is not a scam. It is simply a jewish way to get bribery money with little effort on their part. Really the government should step in and stop this blatant extortion which is costing us all more at the store.

  4. Disofaesir says:

    Great videos and beautiful garden I wish I could start this early, my garden is still under half a foot of snow ! Oh and a side note I’ve been told (off) by many a farmer it’s soil, not dirt 😉

    1. kelly corliss says:

      Very interesting until that last bit you mentioned. What, “the government should step in”? How is government NOT the problem? As awakened you may feel you are, crying for more government, you are the problem!!!

      1. What? I never said that.

  5. PWHB says:

    I live in a city and I would like to start growing some potatoes this spring. Any tips for a novice?

    1. Google “growing potatoes in a bag”. It’s super easy!

  6. Yrton says:

    Thanks for the video Sinead.
    There’s nothing healthier than a food you grow on your own property.
    But, what are the criteria you use to purchase from supermarkets?

    1. I look for organic, preservative free things. If I can’t pronounce the ingredient then I don’t eat it. Also, for body care products, my rule is if I can’t eat it, then it doesn’t belong on my skin.

    2. sin says:

      YRTON…Go to a health food store to get really good quality, although stuff there is generally more expensive!…sin

  7. They’re fine for a compost just not for a work bin.

  8. Consider the following & really think about it . I know its great to feel that your land is your property , you create /grow things on it put down roots , ect.. . BUT , The goyslave enforcers will just take it away when they want it . AND , even if they really don’t need your land they will take it anyway if they want to just to mess with you . Thinking you own land just gives you a false sense of security . I would just move to where people / enforcers are not .

    1. Obviously gardening is not going to solve the jewish problem. I’m very aware of that. That’s why I fight their control of our lands. Moving to the middle of nowhere does not let you escape the system. They can hunt you down anywhere.

  9. Brigid says:

    Thanks for this sunny show from Florida, Sinead. It is a gloomy day here, but starting tomorrow, I hereby resolve to grow potatoes in a bag.

    1. Happy growing!

  10. Craxon Shards says:

    Awesome video. There are many taxes on all the processed food. Organic, non-dairy, fair trade etc… Jan Irvin did a show on this topic recently and made a really good point. They should tax the shit that is not organic or better quality. The jews love to turn our world upside down.

  11. sup says:

    Sinead, try mulching your garden. At the moment it looks awful. You should never leave dirt open for sunlight, because sunlight kills life in the soil. Apply straw, woodchips or about anything on dirt to cover it. It will keep moisture, so you wont need to water your plants at all and they will go bigger because they feed of bacteria that decompose organic matter

    1. Thank you! I’m going to try straw instead of mulch.

  12. Grizz says:

    So I can comment? Just testing this out

    1. sin says:

      Hey Grizz!…Haven’t talked to you in long time, did you ever check out J. Krishnamurti?…Late, sin.


    2. sin says:

      Jiddu Krishnamurti, 1895-1986…Most definitely the smartest person to have ever walked on the face of the earth!


  13. Grizz says:

    Scott is a little naive perhaps, but he is still a great guy. I don’t care for kosher food, but the scam is annoying and I did not realise about the whole kosher food / hidden tax scandal. We need to shut it down

    1. sin says:

      Grizz…Most probably the #1 reason something is kosher is so they can put a kike tax on it!…lol…The food is not “holy” until it is blessed by somebody really “holy” and only then can the other “holy” people can eat it!…lol…We’re just “filthy goys” who get the privilege of paying a kike tax and eating “blessed” food!…sin

  14. Parker says:

    Sweet garden. It may also help to know that chloraphyll is one of the absolute healthiest things we can put in our bodies and ~99% of all green plants found in nature are non-toxic. Useful information for those looking to eat healthy for low-no cost and especially useful in survival situations. If anyone knows a way to make a portable or wild version of those water collection wicker-looking things they have in africa I’d love to hear about it. Keep up the good work everyone. Peace.

  15. Well done Sinead. I started my garden 3 years ago. My boys really liked the rows of carrots, I planted different types, they came out in all colours, so my sons never knew what they would be yanking out of the ground.
    By the way I’m glad I found you I thought you had been banned from Jewtube… This is a great site. Nice work.

  16. sin says:

    Sinead…Interesting, I didn’t know there was that many kosher symbols, I was only aware of 5 or 6 of them!…Also, I did think that some kosher things were higher quality food but apparently it just means it was “blessed by somebody holy”, but more importantly that it has a kike tax on it!….sin

  17. sin says:

    “Israel uses US like a whore!”
    —Jim Traficant

  18. sin says:

    Immigration – Black On White Crime Compilation

  19. sin says:

    Shiksa Goddess – Internet Troll

  20. sin says:

    Genocidal Jewess Is Our Greatest Ally!

  21. sin says:

    Hellstorm: The Rape of Germany

  22. sin says:

    3rd World ‘Stronger’ by Kelly Clarkson

  23. sin says:

    The Devils chosen people!

  24. Todd says:

    Do you actually think raw fruits and veggies aren’t kosher?

    1. Seeing as I didn’t have a smelly rabbi come in and bless them, or tax them…no.

  25. Marshall says:

    The music in this video sounds very Middle Eastern. It’s vaguely ironic.

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