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  1. AlexP says:

    There should be an award of some sort for those who’ve endured through a cringe comp. )) This one’s under five minutes – so it’s a bronze medal. 10 mins would be silver, and 15 – after surviving that you can survive anything! But don’t watch too many too much – you’ll get permanent wrinkles from the expression of disgust stuck on your face for so long.
    Good job though! In the volcano goes another one.

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  2. Jim Monaghan says:

    And i thought this guy was alright for a time, Just a little Eccentric. Now it turns out he’s just another alt-kike freak like the rest of them.

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  3. Steve shultz says:

    Yeah but he does a great Hitler impersonation. What’s not to love?


    1. sineadmcarthy says:

      Oh hey! (((Schultz))) is back!

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  4. Disofaesir says:

    I vote for a evalion cringe fest! That one would deserve a gold medal for sure .

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    1. Panzergruppe says:

      Her entire on-line experience was a cringe fest. I felt sorry for her a tad after the airport ordeal, but she’s shown her true colors as an attention-whore since then. She did a great acting job in her interview with Sinead, but then goes on Ruhetard’s channel with the camera pointing directly into her cleavage? F___ her and the kike that rode her into town.

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  5. Panzergruppe says:

    Wait a minute. Where did you get the video of him falling in love with the kike-hatcher? He yanked that video QUICK before checking-in to the funny farm.

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  6. Skylgarir says:

    ………That rabbi dickchomper is really…. him? I matched facial features and it is….him, isn’t it?

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    1. Panzergruppe says:

      Indeed, it is. Sadly, he is acting like he never made his pro-kike videos and plenty of “yoopers up der in Canada eh” seem to want to defend that yiddish c*nt.

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