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    This is a must watch video, absolutely!!! I truly hope this can go viral. When you watch it you will know why! The Reich Was Right!!!

  2. PWHB says:

    Don’t you know? Dey waz Kangz! I’m sure as it gets warmer the chimp outs will increase

  3. Warren says:

    Whatever you’re trying to do, I’m sold, sign me up. I think you have a superior sense of morality and priorities in your life. I just can’t say the same for anybody I’ve ever met in my life.
    I think we need to formulate the basis for a new global society. Complaining and fighting others for power is not the way to go. There is no world conspiracy, and since nobody seems to be stepping forward with a claim to dominate the world, it’s up to us, the good side, to just step forward and start the conspiracy ourselves. We know what people want, we know that freedom is an illusion and we’ll always have responsibilities, but we also know what the obstacles are: we need clear borders, we need freedom of choice of what type of society we wish to live in, with what values the society would not compromise on, and a framework for sharing resources. The basis needs to be personal trust, so we need a hierarchy that starts at the bottom and promotes by personal trust. We also need a global conflict resolution team that will not enforce but whose job it will be to resolve any conflict short of physically harming people. And we want population density caps. We need to realize that because we think it’s good to have freedom to reproduce, the value of the average person must go down. We don’t want that to happen, we want to maximize the intrinsic (and extrinsic or capability) value of the individual. I’m open to your ideas as well and I hope we can talk about it sometime.

    1. “The good side” ? What side specifically ? What race /culture /political ideology & how would you do that exactly ? “Dominate the world” ? The White race WILL BE LUCKY at this point in time to just separate & reproduce enough young to control the NW region of the country ,. I don’t think you understand how OVER RUN the UN-United s. is now . I travel a lot & see how bad it is compared to 30 years ago . The rich older Whites have given our White race money to other races interests & cultures for over 40 years and they have used that money to reproduce more other race kids & have created an accelerated White race genocide . “global conflict resolution team ” ? Without enforcement ? Just look at the picture .

  4. Zampan0 says:

    You give very good advice. They can look innocent and docile, then in an instant turn into violent animals. “The white man’s burden”, half devil and half child.

  5. Skylgarir says:

    Monumental video, you cover and hit on all the necessary points. I get sick of having to constantly justify ourselves because the jew keeps laying these psychopolitical hurdles like “hayte speech” and “racist” against us. If there is one thing which really pisses me off it is the movies that always seem to have the negroid as the pillar of wisdom, power and morality, and a bunch of subordinate dysfunctional Whites around them, when in reality the completely diametrical opposite is true

    Normally I would not care, but for some inexplicable reason, everyone believes moveis and anything that comes from the arsehole that is the TV screen is Truth. That is what I find the hardest to comprehend.

  6. irdra says:

    only 8 comments ? – got a long way to go….!

    1. boudicacious says:

      There were many more comments while this was up on youtube, but was taken down because it was going viral.

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