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    1. lesliejoy12 says:

      Very interesting..

  2. Travis says:

    You criticize someone for getting their books published by Jews, while having a (jewish) Facebook account? Hmmmm

    1. Yeah. Me and Zuckerberg are on speaking terms man!

      1. Travis says:

        Oh, since you dont know him its ok to support jewish run social media. Ok. Thanks, I’ll sign up immediately!

      2. lesliejoy12 says:

        I thought you were romantically involved πŸ™‚

    2. Panzergruppe says:

      So Travis, since someone publishing a book gets $$$ (even with a shylock doing the publishing), do you honestly think Sinead gets paid for making videos here?
      Macdonald’s books are still being sold by jew-owned amazon while Sinead is getting axed from faceberg and jewtube.

    3. lesliejoy12 says:

      Travis you are retarded.
      Have you not seen what Amazon has done lately?
      Why don’t you set up a new type of face book if this is so distressing to you?
      Oh please

      1. staffordmotion says:

        lesliejoy12, I agree with you completely and think I can speak for all the good people here that a moron troll like Travis should be blocked and banned so we don’t have to read his ignorant bullshit.

      2. Travis says:

        Why would i set up a new type of facebook? The existing one is working perfectly for enticing and ensaring the bio-trash of this world to gather and wage their phoney wars.

  3. You’re so amazing. I bet you don’t even use money, which jews print and control. Truly a renegade.

    1. Travis says:

      Well, I don’t have ir use credit cards, I dont have loans or debt so, no I am not controlled by Jews when it comes to money. You are controlled by jewish social media though right? Not allowed to say what you want, get banned, security and private details compromized? Genius White woman fighting the jews!

      1. Skylgarir says:

        So you have your own independent money system and Nation State then?

  4. Wow. You are the only person in the entire world not effected by jewish usury. That’s impressive.

    1. Travis says:

      Your stupidity is also impressive!

      1. Travis you give the Impression of being a troll, to insult is one of their favorite tactics. get the opposition emotional then bait them with B.S.

      2. staffordmotion says:

        Your rude ignorance is so impressive . Please shut the hell up and get lost no one here wants to listen to your ignorant bullshit.

  5. Interesting video, you raise many good points. while watching it, I kept thinking about something Carolyn Yeager said.Her comments also applied to David Duke. It had to do with both KMac’s and Duke’s comment about not talking about the holohoax, because, it turns people off, hence they don’t listen. Her point was, it is the work being done by the revisionists that actually makes a difference, and not merely talking about Jewish power. By way of example,Germer Rudolf and Leuchter to cite but a few. I mention this here, because its the lies surrounding the holohoax becoming exposed that the Jews fear. If the truth about this got out there, to the world at large, the criminal extortion racket which is financed by this lie would end. This is one of the primary reasons, why they are the only country, of which I am aware, that has a “Sampson Option” To end, I don’t think Duke is playing this game consciously, but to a certain degree he has taken on board KMac’s strategy. I think Duke feels he is getting academic respectability by doing this. Anyway, that’s my two cents worth. As always, you are doing a good job. Let’s never forget that The Reich Was Right!!!

    1. Travis says:

      No, troll just trying to get sinead to realize that she constantly contradicts herself. She criticizes and attacks many authentic and noble others whilst participating in jewish run and controlled things as well. Who fights for freedom, whislt chosing non-freedoms for themselves everyday, like facebook. If you cant see the ridiculousness of any self respecting White person participating(in any manner) in a Jewish social media businesses (voluntarily, i might add) then I cant make you see much of anything. I my stupidity comment was in response to sineads jewish sarcasm (shes sees it fit to call and insult others by calling them jewish everyday by the way) and the fact that she attacks pretty much everyone shes sees as competion for heathen women and renegade, who turns on so many whites with noble intentions? Sinead does. Why?

      1. staffordmotion says:

        I will repeat Travis, fuck off and die. Please.

      2. Travis says:

        Staffordmotion, someone needs to wash out that filthy Jewess mouth of yours

  6. The Rich Anti-White race people that control all medias have planted & funded Anti-White infiltrators for decades . The reason they are popular is the medias promote them . If you look at who pays them you will find out if they are Anti-White , or they don’t know they are, helping the Anti-Whites & their White genocide agenda as dupes . Most of the infiltrators are washed up people that need sheks & won’t think to hard about what they say on their soap box provided by the Rich Anti-Whites . Everybody has a price .

  7. freelancr says:

    KMac another shabbos goy in the wast sea of shabbos goys.

  8. Yes the thats mine but I am banned from using it for another 6 days.

  9. Travis says:

    Ever noticed sineads wide lizard mouth (a jewish feature)? Seen the pics of her with her black friends on the internet? (Google her name) why did she used to sing with blacks? Hmmmm.

    1. staffordmotion says:

      You really are a sick and twisted cretin in need of mental health help. Shut the hell up!

  10. Brigid says:

    Sinead, you need to go through your friend list (over a thousand) and delete those that you suspect are NOT someone you want as a friend, who you suspect is treacherous. And as far as KMac, he definitely has a man crush on The Donald.

  11. KikeDotOrg says:

    Sinead, I saw this coming. Thank you so much for exposing The Jew World Order and their Kike Spy Agents of International Zion. The Black Shadow of Zion will fail in The End!
    MIRRORED THIS VIDEO to KikeTube for you with a dank meme as the thumbnail that I made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuNmlgQpMQw

  12. Here’s a good list of Kike World Order agents (ps I haven’t looked through the whole thing, but agree with it down to Kike McDonalds so far)
    Also archived here:

  13. Guinevere says:

    MacDonald was hired at Long Beach in 1985. ‘Child development’ was HUGE for the jews, including Rahm Imanuel who studied pre-school education for two years at Sarah Lawrence.

    KMac abjectly refuses to address the problem that jews would need IQ’s higher than 135 to dominate the upper middle class professions the way they do, yet anyone who’s come from a ‘high IQ’ family for generations and watched people mate with ‘high IQ’ people would noted what psychologists know – the higher IQ’s the parents have, the greater chance their kids will have lower ones comparatively. It’s regression to the mean and it’s a basic law of nature. As someone who was surrounded by jews all throughout my youth, I can assure everyone that jews don’t even dominate once 135 is passed, if even before then.

    What the jews do is cheat from every angle possible, particularly those with IQ’s under 135 which is the majority by far.

    It’s extremely hard to believe that MacDonald hasn’t somehow gleaned this in one way or another, since he’s ‘studied’ their ‘group adaptive strategies.’

    Even more glaring in some ways is this BS about ‘high verbal IQ’s.’ Psychologists also know that while most people favor one side of the brain, there really isn’t that much disparity in IQ’s between the sides. I tested very high on verbal at one point in my troubled youth and almost average on the spatial (in spite of no history of learning disabilities of any kind) and the psychologist interpreted this in the context of other aspects of her testing as a profound concentration problem, which was 100% correct. She said any significant disparity between the two sides was abnormal.

    Does Kevin MacDonald really believe that the jews somehow managed to hijack the laws of heredity? Does he think the jews could somehow pass on ‘high verbal IQ’ in some way that isn’t just ‘higher IQ?’

    ‘Verbal IQ’ is just their manipulative-ness and cunning. I knew jews who were categorized as ‘gifted’ as children by all their doting jew teachers who practically failed the SAT’s, including verbal.

    It’s bullshit. At best, the jews left behind a greater than average percentage of lower IQ members of their cult, but rigging nature wasn’t one of their many accomplishments.

    KMac also engages in some intense misogyny at times, and represses criticism of it.

    Thanks for the history of his university. Lots of stuff to consider going on. I also find his transition from a real science MS (biology I think) into the jewish-like ‘soft science’ of sociobiology suspect, among everything else.

  14. sin says:

    Sinead…You ever heard of these girls?…PRUSSIAN BLUE…They used to be pretty cool, but eventually I think they gave up on making music and became stoner hippies!…sin

    Prussian Blue – Victory Day

    sin – Secret Information Network

    1. staffordmotion says:

      I remember Prussian Blue very well. I thought they were very good but have not heard about them lately.

      1. sin says:

        I could be wrong, but I think the kikes poisoned them and they got sick, and sadly now they are stoners and don’t make music anymore…

        ‘I’m not a white nationalist anymore,’ Lamb Gaede said. ‘My sister and I are pretty liberal now.’


  15. sin says:

    Prussian Blue – Skinhead Boy

  16. sin says:

    Prussian Blue- When I’m With You

  17. sin says:

    Aspartame is actually the shit of bacteria!…Bacteria takes a shit, and they called it β€œaspartame”, which they put in food as a β€œsweetner”!


  18. sin says:

    Lynx & Lamb called themselves Prussian Blue because that is the name of the blue color pigment that Zyklon B gas would have made on the walls of the supposed gas chamber at Auschwitz, but experts proved that there was no trace of the Prussian Blue color and of course the kikes lied about the “six trillion” figure!…Only about a 100 thousand jews died in all the camps due mostly to Typhus!




    sin – Secret Information Network

  19. sin says:

    Sinead…Good you fixed your clock, now it’s showing EST instead of GMT!…Thanx, sin.

  20. sin says:

    Sinead…Do the tranny’s & fags get to use the women’s restrooms & girl’s locker rooms in your state?…sin.


    sin – Secret Information Network

  21. Ashley says:

    I always wondered about kmac because I have a few of his books and it always seemed as if he loved jews or something. To answer your last point I have been noticing that for years with the fags and trannys trying to be all up in the makeup stores and now even stores like Victoria’s Secret etc. It’s kind awkward.

    1. lesliejoy12 says:

      I have a friend who went back to school for some more indoctrination and recently informed me about hypermasculinity which is some new “theory”.
      If she just looked around in the real world, she would see the inundation of trannies and queers but that is too scary for her apparently

  22. lesliejoy12 says:

    So Travis, besides trolling, what else do you do?
    Don’t waste your talents

  23. Alex On Life says:

    Its hard to find a book which is not published, distributed and also read by Jews exclusively. Not only are Jews in control of publishing, they are also mostly the book readers.
    Although these are troubling facts about KMac. He is very intelligent and has huge knowledge about Jews. We need him badly, if he is real.
    I wander what you think of Dr. E Michael Jones. Let us know. I am curious. I bought and read books by both.

    1. That’s just not factual. We are working w a German publishing company ran by Germans.

  24. Heidevolk says:

    Two separate messages I found in the comments section to the Youtube video “Are Jews Really Smarter Than Anyone Else?” with Charles Murray by the Australian Realist Youtube channel:

    [Jews have three advantages over other people. None of which are genetic beyond normal or average caucasian capability.

    1. A culture of questioning.

    You know the joke, “A man asks the Rabbi, ‘Why do you always answer questions with a question?'” “The Rabbi, looks puzzled then responds, ‘Is there a better way?”

    2. Placebo.

    If you are told your entire life that you are “chosen” or superior, you will believe the marketing! it works on any race.

    3. Networking (Nepotism). This needs no explanation.ο»Ώ

    Psychopaths do exhibit greater mental powers over others because there are no brakes on their minds to tease out thorny moral issues. In other words, instead of treating others with respect or having a conscience in relation to others, their minds are unbridled and race ahead like a professional chess player anticipating and even controlling the others moves, thoughts etc, all to win the game. So it is this lack of sympathy for others that makes them appear “smarter”.

    The Jews generally are taught through their books and culture that they are better than non-jews, they are the chosen few etc and this gives them a sense of confidence which is also a part of being “smarter”. If you firmly believe you are superior to others, that maybe you are even a higher form of life, even a higher species as many Jews believe, then of course, the natural limiting factors of thought, such as self-doubt or humility, allow that mind to race freely ahead, and it is all about getting ahead, staying on top. And all this is supported by the Jewish community. They are reinforcing their supposed superiority with a racist ideology linked completely with their religion.

    So wherever they have gone through history, they have gone intocountries all over the world with the belief that they were superior to the inhabitants and that, through psychopathic, conscienceless, calculation and chessboard mastery, “thinking ahead” they could arrive penniless (except for a little help from their friends ) and come out on top. Before long they would be sitting next to kings and queens, maybe even marry into those dynasties, or maybe even sit on the thrones themselves. But mostly they are content to rule from behind the scenes where the Rothschilds like to sit directly behind the thrones of power with banking to control rulers like puppets. I think this is the Jews’ greatest bliss, the pinnacle of success for them. And this is the main reason for their “persecution” and why they have been kicked out of so many countries over the past 3000 years. Its all because of what is written in their “holy books” which are really the greatest source of misery and insanity in the world.

    Rabbis are masters of Judaica, but what they are really masters of is money and politics and machination, manipulation and cunning. So if you are a Jew and need advice on matters if money, business, politics etc, you go to your rabbi and he will hook you up.

    The goyim have been kept totally in the dark about these people who are the ONLY tribe in the world whose goal has always been world domination through psychological and economic control. Like all psychopaths, they are obsessed to a remarkable degree with owning, controlling, dictating, swindling if they can get away with it and they do. And mass murder is no more than culling, managing the herd as we have seen done in the Soviet Union and we are seeing today in Palestinian genocide and with the promotion of all kinds of toxic food stuffs given to the goyim to eat like rat poison.

    This kind of behavior is typical of Jews, but it is a spectrum. Of course Jews have some individuality. They are not all part of the Borg. There are some who rebel against especially the extremes of mass murder and genocide. They have developed more conscience and altruism and common sense. These Jews are unfortunately in a minority and are fearful to discuss the facts of Judaism and its terrible offshoots like Sabbateanism. But the truth is the truth and we all have start discussing it openly just to save the world. The Jew World Order is upon us. They are the few. We are the many. It is time to stop it now.]

  25. Heidevolk says:

    After the jews fall from grace (hopefully within the coming decade or two) and perhaps the coming world war or cold war that would follow (the vast majority of the world against Eurasian and a handful of far-flung holdouts), perhaps they should be made to know what it feels like to undergo MK Ultra brainwashing not unlike what they do to their victims throughout hollywood?

    Nuclear Hoax Nukes Do Not Exist!: https://www.bitchute.com/video/6unLDaN3sSs/

  26. Heidevolk says:

    And after (((they))) lose control over every major and medium power throughout the world; and not only should (((they))) be permanently deported or extradited outside of the country to another country, the total sum of money, property, goods and rare materials (precious stones and metals, etc) they have ever stolen, taxed or embezzled from non-jews through usury and other means should be calculated (and to a certain point estimated) in order to force the jews to pay all non-jews back in full at 6,000,000% interest whilst being taxed 99.99% of all their income at coal mines and sweat shops!

  27. Heidevolk says:

    * I am implying (((they))) should work at coal mines and sweat shops.

  28. Heidevolk says:

    Looks like I completely botched my paragraphs.

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