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    Get ready to cringe.

  2. Brigid says:

    Oh me, oh my, I just finished watching and feel like I have now left the twilight zone, thank goodness. As Mike Williams, host of Sage of Quay, said in his March, 2016 show, guesting Mr. Blood, re MkUltra and Biological Weapons. we are living in a cartoon and most people don’t seem to mind. I mind! Sheesh.

    1. Panzergruppe says:

      Agreed. With 49.9% of people deceived towards Soetoro’s production values and 49.9% deceived towards Drumpf’s studio productions, I really want off this ride – NOW.

  3. AlexP says:

    And I thought subjewed “opposition” here (in Europe) was bad…

    (Btw that thing towards the end nearly choked to death when it mentioned you (it must’ve watched a lot of your vids despite all the denials – forgot to deny that it’s a man though). So, a couple more hits on the tranny button and during the next broadcast this creature will surely annihilate itself.)

  4. sin says:

    Hi Sinead!…Really liked this, need to watch it a few more times to really understand parts of it. Could you re-do it and put in overlaying text of the different peoples names in it? Like who was the chick (tranny?) talking with a deep voice and holding a wine glass?…Thanx, sin.

    sin – Secret information Network

    1. sin says:

      Sinead…Did you see my additional comments I left for you in the Pizzagate section?…sin

      1. About the clock? I fixed it but idk why it’s still messed up. Not a big deal really.

  5. Bob says:

    Effing hilarious (and disgusting). Anyone who thinks these untermensch are credible is a blazing retard at this point.

    I can’t believe what a shitshow Fed Lies Radio has become the last year. Whether or not the subversion is intentional, they’re definitely on the (((payroll))).

    The Albino Buttereater looks sooooo bizarre. Something is definitely off.

    Good work calling it out as usual.

    1. The (fake?) blonde butter maker looks super healthy and full of life and vitality! That’s what eating spoon fulls of lard does to you!

  6. PolesRunHo11ywood says:

    Yours and Kyle’s work is often mocked and ridiculed, but you two are as important to the movement as anyone else is, as you expose and hold peoples feet to the fire of truth and reality. People are less likely to fuck around and be dishonest, thus further manipulating and/or “fleecing the goy” (as Kyle likes to say).

    Your work sets boundaries for acceptable behavior and it is effective, as members of the alt-right ‘check themselves’ when speaking or attempt to provide answers to questions Renegade has brought up (though, they attempt to answer slyly in a related, though pretending to be unrelated way – Lana and Henrik often answer slyly in this fashion, as if they are innocently bringing up a subject without relation to your poking and prodding.).

    Understanding those who attempt to rule over us is of the utmost importance.

    A big Thank You!

  7. PolesRunHo11ywood says:

    Not only has Tara McCarthy admitted to being jewish but she recently admitted to being a quarter East Indian on one of her latest shows with Pettibone. She stated her ‘grandmother was a full blooded East Indian’.

    This is how the slippery slope begins… Remember, Western culture is a reflection of Western European genetics (blood and soil). This is why jews, Indians, Aztecs, Chinamen, negroes and Abo’s etc. have completely different cultures and genetics from those of European descent, as they evolved in unrelated environments to us European’s.

  8. sin says:

    Sinead…Did you gave time to check out the PewDiePie playlist?…sin

  9. Ashley says:

    Interesting. Yeah the year I spent dealing with alt-kike people was insane. Most are total denegrates and so dramatic. I love these cringe videos because they show how insane this “movement” is.

  10. Laurence says:

    I have trouble believing these people are real! Been watching many of your videos and really appreciate it when you point out the shills and jews. Would suggest a little banner identifying each new face. Thanks!

  11. Awesome intro with Richard Spencer! Lol XD

    I don’t know if this is genuine, however it is alleged that Richard Spencer’s wife Nina Kouprianova wants a divorce:

    Help Me Divorce “Alt Right Leader” Richard Spencer:


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