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    Let’s Talk About The Juice

  2. Guinevere says:

    Seems like a good idea, I have neglected making smoothies (and therefore eating enough vegetables) at times because they’re too cold in the winter, require more preparation in terms of freezing some ingredients, and don’t offer as much variety. They just seem like a pain sometimes, particularly when my hands are cold from a health condition and I can barely afford to heat my kitchen. Wish I’d thought of it earlier. Getting fiber is important but a juice seems to offer its own benefits.

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      1. nadezhda says:

        Go back to Israhell , creep.

    1. Panzergruppe says:

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  4. Tiffany says:

    Great video! I need to get back into juicing. I have that same juicer. Today my son and I went to a local juice bar and had a green juice. It was very delicious. My son probably would have drank it all 24 ounces if I hadn’t made him share. It had apple, spinach, kale, cilantro, pineapple, lemon, lime, and ginger in it. It was sweet and wasn’t bitter at all. I think you’d like that Sinead if you tasted it. That’s awesome about you guys creating an ebook. Take care.

    1. Thanks for your comment Tiffany! The green smoothies that Shannon was making at the cabin were really good. I think she used kale and apple as well. The recipe you mentioned sounds really good too!

  5. Anthony Roberts says:

    You both look younger than your biological ages, and exude health and vitality. Considering the stress you are under, not to mention 4hrs sleep with your little one, juicing certainly appears beneficial. I’d probably start slowly with fruit. Not too sure i could face a beet/cauli/cab smoothie at 5:30am lol.

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  7. Parker says:

    Sweet vid, sprouting is super easy and healthy too (plus nearly tasteless when sprouted with distilled water, Sinead). Mix in some chlorella/spirulina tablets and you’ll definitely see huge boosts in health and energy, especiallyyy combined with a vegan lifestyle. Keep up all the great work everybody. Peace.

    1. Yes I need to do sunflower sprout juice again. I was actually able to drink that.

  8. Larry says:

    You use don’t use the nitri ninja? Heard juicing leaves a lot of waste.

    1. We make smoothies as well in a ninja blender yes. There is no such thing as food waste in our house because it goes right to our worm bin or compost 🙂

  9. X says:

    With juice, you lose. The fiber.

    1. Then you can make smoothies!

  10. Panzergruppe says:

    Why not both? :))

  11. nadezhda says:

    What’s your diet from day to day and what do you guys use as food staples , for example im on a small food budget so what could I buy that would go a long way that’s Vegan/ vegetarian? I like making Russian /Ukrainian / Irish food or traditional American southern food and it’s meat and grease central and am at a loss for how to make white food without those things lol. I was vegan and vegetarian for a while and every recipe I could find was Indian , Thai , Mexican and cilantro everything and that’s just not my thing , not to mention they always call for obscure,exotic ingredients. I live in a cold,rainy climate if that helps and we have a short growing season. Thanks for the video!

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