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    Why I was shoahed from Twitter.

  2. Hi Sinead , It is greatly fan frickentastic that you have your own flag that you can say specifically what your flag stands for now . ALWAYS , when on vids have it behind you ,. Also , make & have your own pin you wear in public on your collar ALWAYS , so that others that support your flag & pins specific descriptions of what they promote -(THAT IS CLEARLY POSTED ON YOUR SITE ) can spot yours & others pins out in public . You might be surprised how many there are out there . The W.P.P.O. has its own flag & pin of what they promote specifically , with the disclaimer that if anyone claims the W .P.P.O. is something other than what is posted on the Yahoo groups ,groups description under the picture of the W.P.P.O. flag & pin is not automatically part of the org. . Just go to the group site read it yourself . You & Kyle need to do the same sort of thing .

  3. Anthony Roberts says:

    Very wise and encouraging words. We all need to be proud of our Aryan heritage. This will be a big red flag to all jews – your time is up.

  4. Your always gonna be my favorite shiksa hoe, don’t let those other Jews bring you down.

    1. Get in the volcano kike.

  5. Ed says:

    Your vids are funnier than an episode of seinfeld!

    1. sin says:

      I love KIKEFELD, all kikes all the time!

  6. Parker says:

    Even Jews know they already lost, ” No matter who wins, the Jews have already lost. It’s time now to do what we do best: Shake off the ashes, say a prayer, and rebuild.” http://www.tabletmag.com/jewish-news-and-politics/204656/jews-have-already-lost-election Plus when you have Jewish college professors talking about killing all whites and rabbis talking about all non-jews being animals, on youtube nonetheless, yeah, many millions of people worldwide are definitely gonna see through the lies.

    Reallyyy nice voice by the way, and for future reference colloidal silver works incredibly well and quick for getting over all sorts of sicknesses. Or high dose vitamin C via IV (but that’s more expensive and more for things like cancer and things like that, unless you got the money for it then do it as much as you want).

  7. Asteria says:

    Thank you Sinead for your honest and strong opinions. I like how you called out all the so called pro lifers who think it is okay to kill non-whites. I have had many arguments online with people like this and I feel their opinions swayed me from my natural virtuous mindset. I was starting to almost question myself because the immigration problem is so bad and I thought maybe they could be right but you set me straight back on track to what is truly the right thing to say and do. Also I don’t know much about national socialism but I live by all of those things you listed and try to live my life to those standards. I need to read up more about national socialism. I wish I could find a national socialist man.

  8. Badener_stolz says:

    I’m a proud owner of a NSDAP banner in my room, and have successfully convinced some of my family members and closest friends of National Socialism!

  9. Scarlet says:

    You wont pick up much attention abandoning Youtube, Jews are intelligently subversive…We must learn to be the same…For instance most Muslims have the balls to fight but have no idea that 911 was done by Mossad,leading to millions of Muslims deaths, Here and now in 2017 they rush to defend any criticism of their faith on Youtube, from all corners of the globe depending on the content, And you can catch millions of them on their own videos. We are in the same state as the Russians in 1917 weak and oblivious to history and our surroundings. We make up an extremely small echo chamber and it would be easy to cull if this community grew to large and loud…Muslims already hate Jews, Far more malleable in their thinking. We can either call them comrade until we achieve freedom, or We can accept the inevitable war that is coming between Ourselves and Islam.

    1. My videos are still being mirrored, I just don’t have the time to upload my videos a million times a month after being shut down over and over again. My family comes first.

  10. Ring says:

    While I agree with most of your points, I’m absolutely against what you have to say about abortion. I really believe that our race will not survive without it.

    Think about it. What if a white girl is raped by a non-white (which happens all the time btw), this spells the destruction of our race, unless the vile abomination is not destroyed.

  11. Panzergruppe says:

    YES!!! 1000% FINALLY!!!
    I buy polo shirts and outfit them with; kriegsmarine, Liebstandarte, Gebirgsjaeger, Das Reich (Nederland), Grossdeutschland, etc themes/patches NOT to “play dress-up,” but to START THE CONVERSATION.
    By conversation, I not only mean speaking with people about our Germanic blood memory, but also simply getting someone’s “wheels” turning in their mind. It’s a start, it’s a beginning and we should not be shamed of or hide our blood memories and volk stolz (pride).

  12. Freyja says:

    Miss you beautiful! I got Hollocausted also. Remade mine but haven’t been very active lately.

  13. I have a question where can you buy that flag

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