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  1. Brigid says:

    I feel so very very sorry for all the people the jews and Shabbos goys have deliberately confused, causing them very great mental distress, and so appreciate your sharing the results of the experiment with dogs, as well as all else you have earlier pointed out exposing these agents, Sinead. I absolutely hate, beyond measure, these liars and scumbags who are determined to destroy us. I must add that I also feel terribly bad for the poor dog in whom the experimenters induced neurosis. All should share this video, and I look to your planned follow-up videos. GTruth will out!

  2. Anthony Roberts says:

    You figured out this latest deception long before anyone else Sinead. What gets me, having been shown the ellipse, our people still say: “almost a circle – good enough!” Hence still supporting Roberts, Kikernes, Surplus & Dorsey etc. The jew poison has made a lot of “followers” weak & pathetic simpletons.

    1. sin says:

      FLAT EARTH IS BS!….All the planets, moons & suns in the cosmos (trillions upon trillion upon trillions of them) are ROUND!

  3. sin says:

    Muslims are the central problem in the world?….IT’S THE JEWS!


  4. sin says:

    They are just clouds?….(((We))) are spraying POISON on you and your children!


  5. sin says:

    Man’s carbon footprint is causing global warming?….The sun’s change in temperature is the main driver of climate!


  6. sin says:

    Aspartame is just a harmless sweetener in soda, gum & yogurt?….Aspartame is actually the shit of bacteria and is a dangerous neurotoxin!

    1. sin says:

      Sinead delete these 2 posts please, thanx sin.

  7. sin says:

    Aspartame is just a harmless sweetener in soda, gum & yogurt?….Aspartame is actually the shit of bacteria and is a dangerous neurotoxin!


  8. sin says:

    These new twenties went into circulation in 98, why did they look exactly like 9/11?!


  9. sin says:

    This is the oldest example of the Predictive Programming for 9/11 I’ve found…

    Predictive programming is when the ILLUMINATI sends out clues in advance of what they are going to do…..It’s like their bragging about it and “rubbing our faces in their dog shit”!

    This shot on this album cover is coming from the perspective of being inside an AIRPLANE flying into NYC, headed toward the Twin Towers on 9/11!


  10. sin says:

    Sinead…I posted this at another thread elsewhere’s, but I wanted to share it with you, it’s a rough first draft, but oh well…

    Well I really think from my research that Hitler was a Rothschild BUT only 25% (on his father’s side)!…And I could be wrong about this (and I seriously question this because it’s an important matter to understand Hitler’s motivation and what he was really trying to accomplish) but I think it was a great shock to Hitler to find out he was 1/4 Rothschild jewish (As far as I know Hitler didn’t find out his paternal grandfather was a Rothschild until after he took power, he was in a secret Rothschild breeding program and the Illuminati all of a sudden sprung it on him!), but, but, BUT Hitler did NOT let himself be seduced by the Illuminati, he rejected any jewish heritage he had and at heart identified 100% as a NON JEW?!…So, Hitler was either working for the Illuminati and was intentionally trying to run Germany into the ground or Hitler was one of the few people in history who really stood up to the Illuminati?!…I think overall Adolf Hitler was in a life & death battle against the Illuminati and HAD no other choice but to fight the dirty satanist jews!…Any country that prints it’s own money and rejects the money grubbing kikes central banks is targeted for war!…The USA fought the Revolutionary War & the War of 1812 over this, Lincoln & JFK were assassination over this, Saddam Hussein (Iraq) & Muammar Gaddafi (Libya) were destroyed over this and Hitler printed Deutschland’s own money so he “had” to go to!…At least he tried!

  11. This SIN person , (or AI), just posts about C. theories created by the rich media controllers . He /She , it , never or rarely posts about White race genocide & separating from its causes -He / She , IT could be a Anti-White race infiltrator here to muddy the waters of the White genocide messages to unawake White race peoples . He / She , IT might not be White race at all . Ellipse or Circle ? Which is SIN ?

  12. sin says:

    sin is a white male who for now lives in the pacific northwest, he grew up in the southwest (az & so cal)!…sin is most definitely NOT a kike!…sin grew up a catholic / christian but is now religiously & politically a FREE SPIRIT (an independent) 1 trillion % and he just wants to find the TRUTH!…sin is also NOT a spy, government agent, mk’d slave, illuminati sell out useful idiot flunky or twisted disinformationist!…sin is definitely NOT 4 sell!…sin is AWAKE! and most definitely realizes the enemy of the human race is the ((((ILLUMINATI)))) aka the (((ROTHSCHILD MAFIA))) aka the (((SATANIC MAFIA))) aka the (((INTERNATIONAL KIKE FORCES OF DIRTY JEWISH EVIL)))!…sin is definitely NOT an ellipse and is trying to understand the “circle”, he really is, but i would say sin doesn’t identify with a specific shape!

  13. Interesting how SIN spells his name sin when he / she / it , posts all the stuff it / he / she is NOT ., therefore , sin must be his dog / cat or son sin jr. or something else NOT him / it / her. Also , lets say sin was at one time a person that was a Christ. adherent (Which there are 10’s of thousands of different kinds of them out there that ALL promote & condone RACE MIXING ! Which is White race genocide . ) , he / she / it really did not officially “Forever” renounce his / it’s / her’s Christ. based religion & therefore NOT to be trusted to go back to the Anti-White race religion that BRAINWASHED him / her / it . You see , as in the picture off to the left , I view people that “Claim” to be ex Christ.’s as still BRAINWASHED by the Anti-Whites , they just fully don’t know it yet & are not fully awake yet , otherwise if they were Truly awake they would never ever mention or post about those terrible race mixing religions EVER AGAIN in their lives , they would be to ashamed to admit they were ever a part of them & they would most certainly NOT want to communicate anything about them to other White race people . “Free spirit” does not mean non-religious for ever , it does not mean anything religious .

  14. Hey , Lana interviewed Truecascadia .com . Those guys & women are Alt RT.controlled by Trump supporters which are controlled by the rich you know who’s . I think , from what they said in the interview , that the group is controlled opposition set up to gather info.’ on people interested in White race preservation by separation . JUST LOOK AT THE PYRIMID SYMBOL for their group . The only thing missing is the all seeing eye on it . Those people are paid infiltrators & Lana fell for it . I am very disappointed by her ,. Is she also a paid Anti-White disinfo. infiltrator ?

  15. Actually , your circle should be a sphere which if viewed from a different perspective the flaw is seen . The flaw was always there , the person controlling the sphere’s rotation always kept the round side facing you . We live in a false world of utopian perfect sphere’s always facing us in the media & people around us . All people that control WMD’s are not stable enough to control all of them . Probabilities indicate accident or usage , I would live far away from them . We are in grave danger according to probabilities regarding human behavior & control of WMD’s but rich people that control everything ignore the math , or so it would seem .

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