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  1. Also , the current ” Claimed “, leader did , & does not , make it his or her top PRIORITY, to stop the White race genocide , by separating the White race people from the causes of it . He or her does NOT speak for White race peoples , most likely her or he is mixed race & just has White skin & is paid by Rich Anti-Whites as a PR person , OR , is genetically White race but duped by the rich Anti-Whites or their minions . I think easygoing separation is more practical & productive than forced separation at this point in time . There are way too many young Anti-White invaders here now & not enough young White race awake left , ( in physical on the ground numbers) to do much other than White race area security now & in our current future . Its just a true fact that we young (under 50-60 ) White race people are not large enough in numbers & have been sold out to other races interests / cultures by our own RICH (mostly older than 60 because they have disposable income) White race people by them giving their money to cheaper paid other race laborers & products . They are RT’s & clearly Anti-White race . I would not allow the RICH White race ones that did not hire or buy exclusively White race people or goods & services into our White race preservation & reproduction areas in the future . You stated Sinead that you are “surrounded” , that happened because White race people are not in control of the area you live in . If you choose to live in an area not controlled by White race people & are outnumbered by other race invaders / cultures & are not happy , we White race people can’t help you there . We simply do not have the awake numbers to move there and control that region so, you will have to move to where we are in the NW regions . Meet the new( J / JC , controlled) boss , Same as the old (J / JC controlled) boss – R. Stones .

    1. sin says:

      ANTI-BRAINWASHING…That last quote is from the Who not the Stones!

  2. SIN, Yep most likely, but Ron Stones The famous White race speaker of that time period( that not many White race people have heard of because the controllers of the medias back then didn’t want White race people to know Who or what kind of people controlled everything ) might have stated it before the Who used some of the statements he made back then in their song . It just shows the people reading this how BRAINWASHED they are ,. They automatically believe what the Medias told people back then & today , they make assumptions based on non-proven to be true statements by historians / “Experts” paid by the rich media controllers . SIN , Don’t assume your historical data is true just because someone communicated to you & you “Feel” its true data .

    1. sin says:

      ANTI-BRAINWASHING…The only one I ever heard use that quote, “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss!”, was The Who and I thought maybe you mistakenly thought it was the Stones and were abbreviating their name R. (olling) Stones!…LOL…Cool, I will look up this dude Roger Stones and check out what he has to say, thanx for the 411!…And, yes I do understand the Illuminati aka the Rothschild Mafia lies to us!…ABOUT EVERYTHING!…Quoting another great American I’m sure we both are familiar with…”HISTORY IS BUNK!” – Henry Ford.

      1. Ron Stones stated once in the 60’s that the objective of people that write history (All of which are paid by Rich controllers & publishing houses ) , is to spin or lie about it to ensure that the goyslaves never learn they are & were being duped by the Rich people that control everything . That of course includes Rich whites as well. I wonder how different things would be today if Rockwell was elected as leader / speaker of the White race & lived in a white house somewhere on the American continent ?

  3. Brigid says:

    I agree with your formula, Sinead. People should hit the streets and explain it.

  4. Ron Stones also said in the early 60’s ,” If one group or large number of people control & create money or currency & convince by paying more money to one third of the total population to use the currency , the other two thirds of the population will automatically be goyslaves to the better paid one third of the population . It does not matter what the one third richest say to the two thirds of lower income & standard of living peoples , they know they will always be in control as long as the two thirds lower incomers use their currency .” The Almost pure White race will be extinct within 4 years now if we don’t separate & use our own currency . Its that simple . I’m sure the person in the picture knows that .

  5. Justin says:

    Sinead, I agree about trump he has ties
    To international Zionism , I will admit that I did vote for him, hopeing for change and the stop to the genocide of our people, but as he’s choseing his cabinet I have realized that’s it may be a sham, he has done very little for our people , I understand how you feel about protesting and such but I don’t know how will this work for interest, if people are totally not awake to anything they’ll just think your this right wing person, I know this based on my experience on trying to wake up non waken whites , and I have children and I have to provide financialy so I try not to do anything that would cause my lose of work, because you have to provide for the family first before race, but I am preparing and trying to figure a way to wake people up and to network , but good video

    1. I also have to provide for my family but that’s no excuse to stay inactive.

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