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  1. Anthony Roberts says:

    “The heroes of our race have already died,” not quite, we have you & Kyle leading from the front. Let’s go out fighting, and we may prevent this from happening. Great cover Sinead.

  2. Whyatt Mann says:

    Great cover, great voice! Heil Victory!

  3. Parker says:

    Wow, sounds just like the original. Really good. Tara has some really good songs you might like as well, the song White Resistance in particular has some pro-woman (not feminist) lyrics which may really resonate with you. As always keep up the good work.

    1. Who is Tara? Thank you for your kind words.

      1. Parker says:

        Thanks for all the good work you and your husband are doing, I’ve learned alot of things I hadnt in 9+ years of truth seeking, and I meant it with the offer to make you a free website/app once my coding skills get better, no big deal, I’m just looking at it as free experience for me, huge discount on an pretty expense service for you, win win, your call either way, glad to help any way I can though.

        As for Tara, shes a white power lady singer. She’s only got a few songs from the red album “Never too late” I really like, she’s got another “Indiziert” but personally I like the other album better but upon relistening just now they both have alot of aspects I like. Mr.Bond has some good rap parodies as well, check 1488 to find his songs. Oh, and I just found a band a few minutes ago called Vinterdis, might be my favorite woman-led WP band I’ve found yet, more modern-rock sound . Idk if you know any German or if you’re into foreign music in general, but you might be interested in “Sturmwehr”, “Stahlgewitter”, “Stahlwerk”, and/or “Dee Ex” (more singing+rap, the first 3 are similar rock style).
        P.s. You are a really skilled singer (and I’m guessing you got some mysic theory/editing skills as well), if you ever decide to make original albums I think they would be really good and unfortunately WP music is largely lacking in stylistic diversity and studio-quality sound, definitely huge market potentional in a quickly-awakening world. And music has been a major factor in many revolutions. In any case between you and Kyle there’s sooo much potential to achieve top-class success. The right quotes applied can go a long way and you’re already well up the mountain. Keep up the good work!

  4. A very moving song, reblogged, and googled + this.

  5. freelancr says:

    Reblogged this on Fake News Guru.

  6. deborah says:

    Beautiful. the pathos compassion and love coming through your voice moves me to act in a similar way. Create Beauty That is what we like to do.

  7. staffordmotion says:

    Sinead, here is my post at Pianist Philadelphia: This a wonderful arrangement and production. I love Sinead at Heathen Women of course but didn’t realize how amazing she is as a singer. I would hope you and her have a great future. Congratulations.

  8. staffordmotion says:

    Parker, I too would like to know “Who is Tara?” The only Tara I know is Tara Turunen from Finland who is excellent. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UB0WOvxFxDg
    I would be most interested if this is the same Tara?

  9. Asteria says:


  10. freelancr says:

    Kudos! Better than the Saga original.

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