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  1. Brigid says:

    Definitely NOT our greatest ally; anything but!

  2. Anthony Roberts says:

    Autonomous & electric cars are just another way for jews to monitor and rob us at the same time. That poor reporter, and not a peep out of mercedes, they know their place.
    I also believe the VW diesel scandal was a set up to phase out that fuel, which is spoken of daily now, and help usher in this jew tech. Also destroying the German economy. The jews are utter scumbags with all these hoax events.

  3. An interesting and highly plausible take on the driverless drone. The implications for control of the masses is frightening, once its accepted and becomes commonplace. This is a very disturbing trend, the ability to kill someone who even sounds like they may be a dissident, puts all of us at risk. No surprise that Israel is a key player, just imagine what the ADL could do with this through a Mossad spook network, not to mention CIA, MI6, etc. As for me, white communities or ethno states, founded on a National Socialist framework, is the best answer to date. The Reich Was Right!!!

  4. “Here you go Michael, free driverless car take it for a spin!”
    ………..bad idea…….

  5. shawn hazelaar says:

    We must not purchase these vehicles. We must not accept them. If we won’t use them, then the gears of the machine slow drastically and they will be forced to abort that technology.

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