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    Day 1 went well!

  2. Anthony Roberts says:

    Great to see Kyle and John there. Again, where were the thousands of angry white families? Like the SA night, i thought there would be more. Didn’t think much of the Trump-tranny-van pizzashop quartet. Too quiet!

  3. AlexP says:

    At least where I live we don’t have such disgusting gay moslem loving signs. If jews decided to put such filth up the whole place would be trashed in 24 hrs. This fact doesn’t change much though… (BTW this shit can be used as black propaganda: writing on walls stuff like ‘Moslems, welcome to… !’ works in our favor much better than putting swastikas there.)

    And there’s the proof again with all the low-level jews: ‘But I don’t control banks, I don’t spew hate 24/7 on the air, why hating me???’ – ‘Sure, my dear, but when was the last time you said anything bad about those who do?’

  4. shawn hazelaar says:

    Good work Kyle. The problem as you know is that we are the spokes in the wheel they have created through us The Zionist doesn’t do the work. We do the work for them. Much of the time we come up with great ideas in which we can’t finance cause they have the money. So they steal the idea and receive credit for it Unless we take the money out of the hands of the Federal Reserve and put it in Gentiles hands to control, they will always be rich and making the rules, like doing everything they can to destroy Gentiles cultures and religious beliefs. I would give my life in a second if it would set us free from this evil control. I have a job and family which needs money to eat and live. If I make to much noise about Earth not spinning, Nasa fakery, Federal Reserve, well they run things and can have you fired, then you have to start over. Its a wicked web they weave. You can email me anytime, if you have ideas. I have to tell you though that protests have proven to be failures in this Country, time and time again. The Zionist don’t give a shit about us, unless we confront them directly and they fear for their existence. They are by nature Psycopaths, Sociopaths, and Narcissistic by nature. It reminds me of this beautiful ground cover I used to keep up when landscaping. The ground cover represented the Gentile, the foreign grass that would produce was weak physically, and small. However, it was a destroyer of the beautiful Gentile Cover because it was gentile. It did not suspect that the foreign grass was secretly strangling the roots of the flowering ground cover and it would see its fellow flowers and leaves dying. Could not figure out that the heart of the problem is the harmless frail grass that was attacking from below the soil. We as a people move to slowly. They outwit us with lies and deceit time and time again. It may because we are….gentile. Jews will run from danger, but pay Gentiles to protect them. What if we don’t protect them? What if we don’t recognize their money anymore? Anyway, just thinking out loud.

  5. Interesting times we live in . The theory is ( like in the U.S.S.R. break up ) , that , a country no longer represents the people as a whole & separate org.s / groups / assoc. / guilds /corporations / conglomerations / consortiums / religions / ideologies / unions / enforcers-private & gov. / patriots / sjws & so on ALL conspire to control their piece of the $$$$$$$ pie before the WHOLE corrupt system of control implodes economically . THE WINNERS AFTER THE EVENT ARE THE ONES THAT CONTROL THE MONEY . They invest in rebuilding using cheaper different culture foreign labor/s , its a win win for the rich world controllers. Basically , its a culling of the over paid dead wood non-producers . A reset in other words . I will say it again , MOVE to the NW & live where people are not & grow your own food . If you are a White race person living east of the Miss. river in that multicultural insanity back there you are not helping the White race survive . It doesn’t matter about your roots back there , the rich controllers sold out your future back there to other races & cultures- its too late to fight . In 82 (When there were more younger White race numbers ), there might have been a chance to keep control of that region for the White race but not now , its a write off , wake up move on west .or NW

  6. Skylgarir says:

    Good coverage, shame the wind was so high. Interesting event, I see there were the usual mandatory jew reporters. I find it funny that the low level jew will jazz hand and start getting all “why don’t you personally speak to the people, look at the facts, its not me its not me!”

    Do they even know how they got their land? Are they doing anything against their big jew master? Do they still propagate the holohoax? No, No, and yes. Then you are lumped in the same basket dear, whether you are naive or ignorant. I say that they know all right, they just lie to their goyim

    They will never admit truth, that would be like a tiny crack in an aeroplane window: the whole thing would decompress and destroy itself.

  7. kdesst says:

    Kyle Hunt doing it again!
    THE man out in the field doing what matters.
    Ave to you, sir!

  8. This struck me as being a very honest and candid report of the first day. This in and of itself makes it a good report. Perhaps, day 2 will have more fire, as it were. Anyway, I still like this one Cheers and 88!!

  9. Brigid says:

    Brave and aware, reporting from the belly of the beast, a/k/a, the district of criiminals, telling it like it is, thanks, Kyle and all who are helping him do this.

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