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    Day 2 also went well!

  2. Brigid says:

    Seeing is believing. EPIC video!! All should watch and share!

  3. seamustheman76 says:

    David Dooouuutrreeeev and Chris Dorsey weren’t very welcoming to Kyle. Doutrive looks like a badger. The two of those guys aren’t cointellOPS. LOL. I’d say opiate addicts or just plain weird.

  4. seamustheman76 says:

    Also, that little Like JAZ Antifa should have been punched the fuck out by Kyle. There’s some parts where Kyle should have all out clobbered some Jews!!!

  5. Normal Ab says:

    Pretty interesting how Jews immediately resort to lies like rehearsed actors. They actually seem to believe them

    1. Hudhdjs says:

      Regardless if one likes Kevin macdonald, his culture of critique analyzes that one of the Jews characteristics is they can lie and also have the ability to believe their own lies. “It was real in my imagination”. Which is a foreign concept to most whites.

  6. AlexP says:

    As one man once said, ‘I have always maintained the position that jews are the stupidest people on Earth’.

    That jew says – ‘Are you a communist?’ (meaning communism is the antithesis of jewmockracy) ‘If you’re a communist, get out of my face!’ – And five minutes later there’s a bunch of freaking jews demonstrating with a communist fist on there flags! You gotta love it! Seriously, folks. And we cannot beat THIS? (Oh, the flags are yellow! So it’s not communism. Right…)


  7. PWHB says:

    I can only imagine the stench …

  8. Jimmy Fry says:

    Great documentary. Wish I was there…!

  9. Carolina says:

    Hey Sinead.
    Do you still sell those Shekelstein Credit Union t-shirts ?

    1. Hey there. Unfortunately they shut down our spreadshirt shop. I’ll see if I can get the design back up on the zazzle shop I just set up.

  10. sin says:

    Sinead…Did Deplorable Princess get shoaed off Jew tube?!…I can’t seem to find her, I hope she’s doing ok?…Late, sin.

    1. She most likely deleted her channel. She’s unstable and changes her views every few weeks. Last video she made was praising Andrew Anglin and calling me a flat chested feminist lol

      1. sin says:

        Sinead…Oh ok, sorry she turned on you like that, ya I didn’t really know what she was about, only watched a couple of her videos so far, she seemed to have a drinking problem and talked about having missing time (which is never a good sign)…Late, sin.

      2. sin says:

        Sinead…Happy Birthday Aries Snake!…I can’t remember your exact birthday, but if it already passed oh well…lol…Also don’t listen to Deplorable Princess, I think you have a lovely chest, and having empathy for females is a good quality to have!…Late, sin.

      3. sin says:

        Deplorable Princess was shoaded from Jew Tube!…I came across her on my subs and I’m getting the terminated for violating community guidelines screen!…I hope she’s doing ok?…Late, sin.

      4. I doubt she was shoahed, because her channel doesn’t say terminated, it just doesn’t show up. She has been attacking me now and siding with the fags at the Daily Stormer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlL0JAevmeI

      5. sin says:

        Hi Sinead, ya that’s kinda weird her taking stabs at you like that I don’t think you “drank the koolaid”, to me you sound like you have very sensible things to say, I definitely don’t see you as a “left wing commie” either…lol…Also I not really familiar with Anglin but remember you mentioning him several times in your videos, are you saying overall he is controlled opposition?

        I think she did get shoahed though, here is the link I have for her in my subs…

  11. Anders Dahl says:

    How tall is Kyle?

      1. Anders Dahl says:

        Thanks then his just a bit taller then me.:) Just ind the video he seems taller

  12. whomstsblog says:

    Peak Aryan, one against all. Kyle is unstoppable as usual, all they can do is lie hoping the crowd doesn’t start thinking.

  13. Here’s another version, with mostly Dorsey’s footage but some from John and Kyle too.

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