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  1. Asteria says:

    I have the urge to break her fingers when she does those fucking air quotes. Thanks for the video.

  2. kareem pride says:

    Please link to her channel. I’ve tried to look up “dreamy diglett” but nothing…

    1. sin says:



    2. DreamyDiglot says:

      Hi there! DreamyDiglot here it’s not Niglett although I do love those muds but I’m actually a fan of getting my Lot Dug Out that’s why I chose the name “Dream Dig-Lot” Dig up “my lot” get it?

      Here’s my YouTube channel. In-case you didn’t notice I’m a Kike Jewess

      1. I knew you were a kike.

      2. sin says:

        Sinead…Did you make that up about “dreamydiglot answering”
        or was that really her?…lol

      3. I didn’t make it up but I think it’s just a troll. She does make hints that she’s a jewess in her videos though.

      4. brianatkins says:

        Sinead you know you are the only girl that speaks the (((truth))) these other cosmopolitans just seek attention.

  3. sin says:

    Hi Sinead!…Check out some of the music on my new youtube music channel!…It’s a compilation of all different types of music!…You can find a link to it on my main channel!…Late, sin.

    music central:



    Prussian Blue:

    Sinead McCarthy:

    Parodies – Jewry:


  4. sin says:

    Sinead…Did you delete my other post here and a post I made on “Kyle at the AIPACalypse Protest” or did you get hacked?!…You never deleted any of my other posts, so I thought maybe you were hacked?…Let me know what’s up!…Thanx, sin.

    1. sin says:

      Nevermind!…My posts are showing back up, they temporarily disappeared, I don’t know why, but oh well I can see them here now!..Late, sin.

  5. Good Lord your whining is sexy…

    1. Spoken like a true kike.

      1. Panzergruppe says:

        Sin first off, if you own that shirt/jersey WELL DONE INDEED! Secondly, I’m curious if you ever heard of the Italian team’s designer that snuck a pattern concealing the hakenkreuz/swastika into production? It’s the 1992/93 Fiorentina team and despite the purple background, I approve of the pattern. ;))

      2. sin says:

        PANZERGRUPPE….The chic wearing that shirt is some famous football (soccer) sports reporter and to tell you the truth I don’t know why she is wearing a shirt that says…KIKE…I just thought it was funny!…lol

      3. sin says:

        PANZERGRUPPE….After doing a little research on it, maybe she digs this one Spanish football player….Kike García.


      4. sin says:

        PAQNZERGRUPPE…You talking about this Italian football shirt!…lol…Well Italy was an Axis power during WW2!


      5. sin says:

        PANZERGRUPPE….Well it is kinda funny that the Spanish football player, Kike Garcia’s father named him KIKE!…lol…Maybe it had something to do with Spain also being an Axis power during WW2?!…lol

      6. Panzergruppe says:

        I wish I had an excuse to wear jersey that screams “KIKE!” I think the way that all came together for her is hilarious! Howevah! I found an ebay seller who sells a t-shirt version of Fiorentina’s 92/93 alternate jersey…
        Hell yes I’m ordering a few. Having the chance to wear a shirt with the hakenkreuz all over it while NOT living in Asia or India? Done. Deal.

      7. sin says:

        PANZERGRUPPE…Cool, ya get some of those shirts while you can!…I heard they purged those shirts and if you can find one they are rare collectible items!

        Here’s a couple I found for approx $150 & $400…



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  7. Halldor says:

    She is so white, so very painfully white.
    Is this the next stage of degeneration from silica based life to carbon based and now chalk?

  8. Skygarir says:

    To hell with Alt right, I want a National Socialist,k racist, White girlfriend. If you are going to go , go ALL the way. The correct way.

  9. Sieg Hiel Sinead, a most excellent video. I was happy to see that you didn’t pull any punches. Your criticisms showed me, that you have the iron in your soul to preserve. Further, you have the valor to confront the enemy and struggle, in spite of the hardships. I salute you Hiel Hitler and The Reich Was Right, and planet Jew is wrong!

    1. Stace says:

      Ahhh, thats HEIL, not hiel

      1. Many thanks for the correction. To late to change it now.

    2. Asteria says:

      Agreed I feel the same way.

  10. Asteria says:

    @Sinead Red ice blocked and deleted my comments on their channel. I saw they deleted your comment on that mellissa and tara interview because I saw someone respond to you. I got to the interview when it was first uploaded and there were a lot of people who disagreed with them but they all got deleted. Yet red ice leaves comments that suggest that 16 is when you should start having children These people are disgusting.

    1. I didn’t make a post about the redice.com interview????

    2. Yup! The comments about Lana not having any children were deleted as well. lol

  11. Asteria says:

    oops, I must have accidentally replied to your comment. I didn’t mean to sorry. It was just meant to be a general message to sinead. I am not used to posting on renegade vids.

  12. Asteria says:

    Another girl did a video reply to jewy dipshit. I know her from battling in the comment section on Millenial Woes channel. I actually was the one who showed her this video because I thought diglot was talking about her specifically. She is in the alt right crowd and is Christian. There were some of her point of views in her diglot breakdown that I didn’t agree with but over all she did a really good job destroying diglots narrative. After watching her video I looked up what diglot means and her name says it all. She is definitely telling you in her name that she is a female subversive controlled opposition. Also right after diglot did that alt right girlfriend video her next video was about all the negative comments she was getting. It was called right wing death squad. She was specifically bothered by mine and threw my 500 comments and youtube avatar in there. Here are the links to the other girls reply if you are interested. Just ignore some of the stuff you don’t agree with that she says.

  13. You always do so well to present your point of view in a humorous and lighthearted way 🙂 I’m no fan of these ‘anti-feminist’ alt-boy fangirls either. I don’t even think that this young woman is even engaged / married ? So I don’t understand why she thinks she has the authority to talk about relationships & long term marital success indicators???? Alot of these types have been popping up recently and all they talk about is how women did x and did y and wronged white men in 95,303,726 ways. Nobody should be immune to critism and although I don’t like to call people out personally, alot of the alt-right want to be untouchable – and the way they screech and squeal at the slightest mention of ‘well hey, maybe you were being a little bit unreasonable there’ is ridiculous. I don’t want to personally vilify this young lady but I can see she is looking for attention in the wrong places, I wish women would stop using this avenue to pander as a means of making a ‘quick dollar’. It puts the rest of us to shame, and makes us appear like submissive, unassertive, zero self-respect, man worshipping versions of lemmings.

    I also agree with you about how they demand patreon ‘donations’ for sitting infront of a camera, posing and jump-cutting to compensate for lack of ability to string together a coherent sentence on the fly. People who want to help others aren’t in it for the money or to ‘man-hunt’. We aren’t in it for attention & fame & pandering to men. What matters is helping our people because UM HELLO I DONT SEE MANY PEOPLE DOING IT. It is literally life and death as you said.

    Also, nice job defending why women are the way they are – alt-gays always seem to forget who the *real* enemy is. They flap their flabby limbs around the place demanding that their ideal 8 year old virgin bride is okay with harems and ‘popping out’ (ugh) 256 babies for the white race. They don’t understand that they are driving us away because they are such weirdos as you said :^)

    I’m so sorry you face the criticism that you do from these fag-boys and from the ‘anti-feminist’ shrieking harpies. It isn’t fair for you to be called a ‘bad mother’ for working to ensure your children are homeschooled….. we are basically debt slaves at this point and women who are forced into working shouldn’t be vilified in some sort of witch-trial for being VICTIMS. I didn’t realise you had to work to make sure your kids are at home… in Australia distance-education homeschool is free & you get some govt assistance too as long as you live in an isolated area without a bus route – so I am so sorry you don’t have these priviledges because women good enough to homeschool SURE DESERVE THEM.

    White women are supposed to be strong and pandering to men who high-key hate us doesn’t fit the part.

  14. Asteria says:

    Holy crap, that alt right girl deleted her diglot video. Wtf man, she knows that diglot is wrong but she would rather pander to idiots than stick up for white women. I give up. They cannot be helped, it is sad. Whites would be so powerful if Alt Right never existed, it is destroying the whole movement and they can’t even see that they are being mind controlled.

    1. She said she took it down because someone called her unfeminine. *sigh*

  15. nadezhda says:

    That lady sounds like a pretentious idiot, Sinead. All she’s doing is dividing white women and men and trolling. Years ago when I was brainwashed with the same crap all whites are force fed, I came across a bunch of skin heads an alt-rights on facebook and it turned me off from white nationalism completely and I didn’t get into nationalism until years later and luckily found some decent ones . We’re so few and far between that the only way to network it seems is online on sites like Facebook and most of them are alt-right degenerate and they treat women like sex dolls and bash white women / blame wm for everything. The alt-right women seem to have low self esteem or are just so desperate to network they surround themselves with these faschy meninists as there’s hardly any women in the nationalist movement and why, because these guys are scaring women away ! I avoid storm front too because its the same thing if not worse and alot of these dudes are breeders ( trying to breed with the first white chick they see) ugh. I’m glad I came across you and Kyle’s videos and websites . It gives me hope there Are sane white nationalists that are proactive and making a change and that want a wholesome, family oriented environment for future generations. Also, don’t let these creeps who try to discredit you and humiliate you or your husband get you down. You are obviously not a jew or mudshark and okay so you had nonwhite friends before you became racially aware . Big deal! Most people did not come out of the womb as a nationalist and most of us did not have good role models growing up and most of us had to have a hard dose of the real world and real life experiences before we woke up and realized nationalism was the only thing that would save us and our people. Also Kyle being supportive of you does not make him a ” beta male”. Seriously these people are either A: Mad that your pretty and not with them and jealous of Kyle, B: Anti-white trolls or C: Alt-kike creeps that are butt hurt because you exposed them for what they are! Keep up the good work, guys! P.s. , I use some of your more pg articles for my son’s homeschooling. 🙂

  16. Ovens for anyone who says, “So let’s break this down!”

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