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  2. “keep this Jewish trash away from our families”…”this is the work of the Jew” etc. Mmm, why yes I would have to agree. To Der endgültige Sieg 88!!

  3. PolesRunHo11ywood says:

    Wow. Just wow.

    Lana and Fed Ice are such liars!

    Lana recently stated she had children but kept it secret to protect them.

    Lana recently stated she only wrote a few lyrics years ago for a band whilst living in Hollywood. She totally left out the fact that she was in the band and sang the lyrics!!!

    Lana has a jewish father named Reuben, who is a broker in the financial world. She recently stated he was not jewish, but this woman (Lana) is obviously a compulsive liar and I seriously suspect he is a jew.

    Lana recently stated she only traveled in Africa, and left out the negro aid part, and how she is an obvious leftist.

    Also, those lyrics were being sung while with Henrik and Red Ice!!!

    I am blown away. I always knew they were paid opposition but to be caught out in such massive lies… this woman is a complete fraud.

    I always said Fed Ice was CIA run, as Lana’s family has ties to old Russian money and aristocracy, as they had to flee the Bolshevik’s. These types often have CIA connections and ties to the Deep State. Also, Henrik and his platform were the perfect choice to further the controlled opposition being planned via ‘Alt Right’ and its originator’s (a jewish NGO think tank, which has worked closely with Spencer and they actually created the term… not Richard Spencer.).

    Lana traveled to Europe, rocked Henrik’s world and moved in with him within a week! The poor bastard was targeted by the CIA and the rest is history.

    With Lana’s connections and Henrik’s platform, she was the perfect CIA asset.

    Great work Sinead!

  4. soylent goy says:

    great vid as usual Sinead ! thanks 1488 o/

  5. johnsmith says:


  6. Anthony Roberts says:

    Liar Lokteff, Mel Developed and a elitist jewess discuss the “problem” of white women lol. What next, Henpecked, Milo-raper and Donofag on what it means to be a good family man? Any white person who follow these freaks are not National Socialists, they are low-hangers – good riddance!

  7. Billy says:

    Miss you on Twitter, Sinead – and – boom! – another killer video saturated with truth!

    P.S., not to sound like a fag, but *Z snaps* you look radiant, girl! lol.

    1. Thank you for the kind words. I am back on twitter @sineaderade88 They suspended my account for posting a pic w my swastika flag.

  8. Asteria says:

    I have so much to say about this…First of all you are a pagan goddess and these are 3 golem’s. Mellissa’s dating advice was terrible, it was straight out of this horrible book I read when I was younger made for superficial people called “why men love bitches”. That book was the worst thing I ever read. She is also promoting abuse of women with her stupid hair pulling advice. All of it is the female equivalent to manosphere. In manosphere they tell the men that women like to be treated like shit. I have been seeing a lot of this abuse of women talk in the alt right. Their agenda seems to promote a lot of imbalance between the masculine and the feminine within ourselves and each other. Lana’s freezing egg advice was strange. They have said a lot of anti human stuff. They love to talk about how good abortions are,and they promote transhumanism and robots taking jobs.
    It seemed like the interview was scripted and it looked like lana was looking at cue cards telling her when to laugh. The comments I left on the video were just disagreements I had with Mellissa’s dating advice. The other comment I left was telling that guy who said 16 year olds and 30 year olds should get together “you are gross”. They deleted both comments and blocked me. They are obviously pushing an organized agenda. If this was a natural get together amongst three people and the audience disagreed with a guests advice why would it bother you that much. I also brought up that Mellissa and Tara are not Fully European if they are even European at all. There were tons of comments that were saying that and when I went back to the video later all the negative comments were gone.

    1. All of my comments were deleted as well. I’ve even had my videos where I criticize Lana flagged and taken down for “hate speech”. They are pushing an agenda, and it’s not good for White people. Especially White women.

      1. Asteria says:

        Thats how I found you guys at Renegade. I was not liking the alt right at all and thankfully I came across your channel and other small national socialist youtube channels. National Socialism has the best system for white families and European advancement.

    2. I was missing you so much, my favorite goy mick hoe

  9. PolesRunHo11ywood says:

    Tara McCarthy has admitted to being jewish and having an Indian grandmother.

    Why are there so many jews and other non-White’s within the alt right ‘fighting’ for a White future?

    Even Richard Spencer’s wife is non-White, being of Russian-Turkish origin, who herself, does NOT consider herself to be of White extraction. Spencer’s wife follows Fourth Political Theory (Eurasianism), which is hostile towards White’s and considers White Russians to be interlopers within Russia. The Eurasian model places Russian Turks and Mongol’s (orientals) above Russian White’s (interlopers), going so far as to state Genghis Khan was Aryan and a great man of high principles.

    Remember, Russia stretches across all of Asia, thus including Whites, Turks and orientals.

    I would argue that the mass murder of 40 million Russians during the Russian purges were a direct result of Eurasianist belief systems, as this fairy tale was a clear invention of the jews, as this system again argues that White Russians are, in fact, interlopers upon Russian soil and the Turks are the true aristocracy of Russia. Though, I would suggest jews fit somewhere within this Turk aristocracy, but this fact is kept private, due to fears of anti-semitism.

    See Dugan’s own essays at: http://www.4pt.su/en/

    Spencer, Heimbach, Duke, Henrik, Lana and other major players within the alt right promote Dugan, a man who is a ‘traditionalist’, but who does not follow ‘race realism’. In fact, Dugan despises Whites, as you will see if you read some of his essays, which clearly state his world view.

    To paraphrase Dugan: ‘The Ukrainian man is but a worthless piece of filth, who crawled out of the sewers.’
    (you get my point.)

  10. Edward Snowden says:

    This definitively proves women are actually men.

  11. Larry says:

    As someone who has done his fair share of man-whoring you’re absolutely right, promiscuity is damaging to men too and is often a sign of a deeper mental issue or abuse. No-one should be a whore.

  12. Parker says:

    Hey Sinead, So I just happened upon your “Sinead McCarthy, Vennyson & Enzym – We came upon this land” on yourtube , wtfff why am I just now finding this song???? It’s soooo good! I’ve probably listened to your parody songs hundreds, maybe not quite thousands of times, but I’m just now finding this song!!!! Do you have like a soundcloud or something or somehow where I can find all the music you’ve made? I’m kind of low on money right now or I’d offer you cash, but for real do you have any more songs like “We came upon this land” and if yes where can I find them? If you made an album of original songs like this it would be sooooo good and easily one of the best white pride albums on the market that I’ve ever seen (and I’ve listened to alottt of varied white pride music from America to Western Europe to Russia).

    I’m in the process of improving my singing/guitar/theory/digital music production skills so that I can achieve my goal of having 3 full (and good) albums by this summer, I’ll send you a link to the songs once I have some worth sharing, for real though if time and luck is on my side (and the harder I work the more it will be) I want to collaborate with you and/or produce full studio-quality albums for you, totally free of charge, rights go to you as long as I can keep the instrumentals in case I want to reuse them for anything. Seriously, if there’s ever anything I can help you with let me know somehow (you kinda have my email, or it’s easy enough to figure out what part of the info is real).

    Anyways, keep up the good work as always, keep enjoying your garden and juicing, I just finished a bag of spinach, trying to go vegan so I can maintain the energy levels required to work 16+ hours a day based on the advice of one of my favorite Andrew Carnegie quotes (bout the “the world … stands on it’s head for those few and far between souls who devote 100%”. It’s a process 9 1/2 years in the making, the 10 year mark should really show huge rewards though!

    Peace, love, happiness, and best of luck to you, your family, and all the good people everywhere putting in work to win back our freedom and prosperity!

    1. I’ve got a few more out as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gl-oQLAIhJM

      I’d love to find a musician to collab w on pro White music.

      1. Parker says:

        That’s actually the other EDM-ish song I have of yours. And I’d definitely like to collab on some songs/albums with you. I’ve been studying music theory more and gotta practice LMMS alot more (plus guitar & singing), but since going raw vegan this or last week I’ve had alot more energy so I can get back into putting in alot more productive hours each day. Is there an email I can send you some of my lyrics to you that I have so far? Feel free to critique/advise on them as much as you want, plus if you have any tips on ways to learn music/ear listening better, though I’m guessing it’s just a matter of putting in the study/practice time. I’m pretty close to being pretty good at guitar though (I can play quite a few chords and scales, by the time I memorize the fretboard and spend a few more hours practicing with a metronome I’ll probably be able to play most parts of most of the songs I can find tabs for, I still gotta work on reading/writing sheet music). I can send you some improvised guitar playing though if you want a general idea of my current skill level.

        How do you propose we go from here?

        And just some info you (or others) might be interested, harvard did a study where they asked graduates how many students had goals, everyone raised their hands, but when asked how many had goals on paper it was only 5%, then 20 years later they checked back and the 5% with goals on paper were making more money than the other 95% combined. Not sure if you have your goals on paper, but I figured this might be something you’d be interested in. Eric Dubay wrote on a piece of paper 10 years ago “I’m gonna end the new world order on my own”, and 10 years later he’s pretty much at the forefront of the flat earth movement. High-energy affirmations works really well too, especiallyyyyy right at wake up or before bed. Plus the breathing slower than 15 seconds inhale/15 seconds exhale thing for increasingly deep states of heavenly bliss. “To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders”-Loa Tzu. I got that quote written down on a paper that has my goals list and photoshopped-image on it. If you check out http://gohstindustries.com/a37EssaysnBooks.html and http://gohstindustries.com/gfWisdom.html there’s some more info you might be interested in.

        Anyways, if you have some ideas on the songs you’d like to make, let me know so I can spend some time working on things related to that specifically. Though I really do believe in developing the basics as a solid foundation on which the more advanced things come easy. But it definitely helps to have some projects to include in the training process. Let me know how you wanna do this. Peace.

      2. I don’t trust Dugay one bit, but I’m down to make some music. msinead21@yahoo.com

  13. Ashley says:

    I watched that interview as well and thought there was a lot wrong with it as well. It seems as if they are pushing the the fact that all women are stupid and therefore need to be abused and treated like shit. Also I also have the red ice hosts and that Lana one really creeped me out. They have to be agents or something

  14. Frab says:

    Glad you keep pushing back against the anti-White-women-narrative of the Alt-Right. The White race won’t be able to turn the tide if they are fighting amongst themselves. Our women are the best.

  15. Panzergruppe says:

    I credit you for being able to tolerate watching crap like that. 2-3 years ago I started examining MGTOW as a possible jewish op from the male side – and yes, it most definitely is. Initially, it sounded like a kike effort at deepening of the divide between men and women and after a while, I couldn’t even tolerate analyzing their agenda anymore.
    This is getting bad, ladies and gents. Not only is there feminism and its mirror image of MGTOW, but there’s a weird undercurrent of self-hatred that most of these mainstream believers engage in.

  16. Helene says:

    This is a PSA for the Tara-person: there are female plumbers in this world. Even female plumbers who have their own businesses.
    Great work, Sinead. Chapeau.

  17. Sad. Clearly you understand, and so does your husband – anyone who has serious aptitude in the sexual marketplace should see through this at 0:00.

    Shit doesn’t fly.

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