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    Finally recorded Part II.

    1. Happy Racistitician says:

      Christian Picciolini releases black propaganda https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwZhFUZFGGE

  2. Parker says:

    Hah, fuxing wwasp and other places like that, oh shitz @ cross creek though, i was at midwest academy and apperantly that was one of the “better”/less-abusive places, on the plus side though i learned to touch type really fast because of it, which is has proven to be a reallyyy good skill for me to have. I do still have a bit of meditation to go before being completely free of the anxiety/etc i got as a result, but for real i’m finding meditation to be miraculously helpful in a variety of ways (i got this “breath pace” android app and go for 1:1 or 1:4:2 breath ratios of slower than 30 seconds per breath, and combining slow breath rate with focusing on my heart works superrr well, mentally and physically, the slow breathing gets more oxygen, and the heart focus improves circulation).

    And yeah fux mitt romney and jay kay and whoever the others are involved with wwasp and other places like it

    Sorry to hear you went to a facility like that though, didnt realize that was the place you went, for real it was just a mindfuck place though, “brv” or blatant rule violation whatever the fux, basically a 5 day “point” loss (which you need for food) which can be handed out for the most bs of reasons.

    For better or worse though, hopefully you gained somethingggg from it that you can use to help make the world a better place , surely not the “intended” benefits told to parents/customers, but something. Fux though if i knew the breath meditation thing i couldve hung out in oss all day easy as floating on a cloud instead of concrete, seriously, give the slow breath meditation thing a few dozen or hundred hours and you’ll be amazeddd at how much better you feel even between meditation sessions

    P.s. the seminar staffers (and maybe lot of mwa staffers) hated me for how little i went along with the program, my first night there i went to oss and banged on the walls all night chanting “fight the power”, didnt realize at the time there was more intelligent ways to go about things than keeping up the other kids who just wanted to sleep, but still, just count it all up as lessons and make as much definitive sense of it as you can to act definitively as possible towards achieving the harvests you want

    Oh, chlorella (and breath/oxygen meditation) is reallyyyy good for reversing chemical damage, taiwan apperantly is a really good place for high quality chlorella

    And some of the songs included Avril Lavigne and “Because I Got High” by Afroman (I kept laughing/smiling even after the other “students”, for real or fake, started talking about how serious a problem drugs have been for them, i admit smoking weed has been a bad habit for me, but no worse than junk food or laziness, its the person not the tool to blame for results, cannabis oil is a miracle healer). And yeah, i heard the guys had to cross dress, the kids even talked about it like a healing experience, i never made it past seminar level 1 though and that was in lv 2 probably).

    In conclusion, if you’re a parent everrr considering sending your troublesome child to rehab or anyyy kind, save your money and reallyyyy try listening to your child and treating them as an equal-level adult instead of someone you have authority over, or send them to a computer coding boot camp so they can at least learn some real skills that can make them $100k+ a year, or a buddhist monastary or something, anythinggg is better than a mainstream or in-any-way-related-to-mainstream “medical/education” facilities.

    BTW keep i mind the part where they literally offer you to kidnap your child in the middle of the night, 2+ bouncer-looking guys and plastic zip tie handcuffs included of course (or just get driven by parents for being an idiot and doing no research and thinking it was a “boarding school”, again, lesson, ignorance is not bliss, ignorance is tragedy).

    Sorry bout the long comment(s), but hey sinead if you check back on my website GohstIndustries.com there’s a download link on the homepage now, you (or others reading this) might be able to find something helpful info, there’s a few books and other stuff i wrote, all free in the name of helping people and making the world a better place

    1. Thank you for your comment.

  3. Unfortunately , they did not make ALL the White race young there accept & convinced that there is a WHITE RACE GENOCIDE happening to their WHITE RACE AND , they must separate from the Rich people & other races that are causing it to happen into ALL & ONLY White race communities controlled by ONLY White race people & currency . Think about how many 1000’s / millions more would be awake today!!! BUT , instead , they brainwashed them into being abnormal people , Anti-White & more controllable by the Rich J’s JC’s Christs that are in control & ABNORMAL people . White race rich people that put their kids into those places get what they get in the future by the 1000’s of White race kids that went through that pain . But , pain can motivate people to change, the question is into what? Abnormal or normal? It depends on the person judging the other person & if that other person can FORCE the other person to accept their definition then , well , I guess in theory , their definition of normal is the true one . Or is it ? Answer : NO . Brainwashing centers are not good & cause pain to White race people .

  4. In a sense you were lucky to learn the truths about this society by going through that rich people funded brainwashing center but the truths are not very nice ones . The one main one is there are crazy abnormal people out there with almost unlimited funding by rich J.s JC’s & christs authorized by the gov.s (National /State /Local), that can do stuff like that to innocent easygoing different people that just think differently than them- (The Rich controllers) . “It’s an insane state of affairs .”-Ron Stones 1969

  5. sin says:

    I like your shirt, that color looks good on you!

  6. sin says:

    ok, I’m wondering when you were barking like a dog, did you actually think you were a dog barking or did you know for sure you were a human being pretending to be a dog barking or is the whole thing unclear?

    1. I didn’t do it. Anyone who did it was told to get up and stop acting like a whore. It was a mind fuck. He wanted to see if you would do it or not.

  7. Robert S says:

    That’s so fucked up! I’m glad you made it out of there sane, how any parent could leave their child in a place like this is beyond me.

  8. Panzergruppe says:

    Amazing. Sometimes I wonder if people fully realize:
    1) how much psychological trauma they’re subjected to and
    2) how much psychological trauma some people foist on others?
    When I was a kid, I used to hear about parents “sending their child(ren) away for not being regimented enough, etc. I don’t like being judgmental, but I cannot imagine why/how a parent can send their child to what amounts to a prison.

  9. Heinz says:

    Sinead, what were the racial demographics there? Was it mostly White or a cross-section of different races etc?
    I wonder if they target White kids specifically.

  10. John says:

    sounds like hell. thanks for being brave enough to share it though. the mormon family next door to me as a kid seemed so wholesome until I found out that the reason the kids bathed together was the oldest son raped the little girls, even the 2 year old. They also had mishaps with their kittens. they went through about 3 or 4 in one winter. supposedly crawling into the car engine area for warmth until their dad started the car the next morning. looking back I don’t see how the engine would stay that warm overnight. they all seemed very suspicious for shiny happy people.

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