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  2. Anthony Roberts says:

    Did you see the face-on photo of Damigo? A former marine trying to pose as a hard man. He just looked like a “butthurt” little boy. With his little sloping shoulders, not much wider than his head, how did his manbag stay on? lol. This was a “punch & jewy” show imo.

  3. Asteria says:

    Um, Why are his boobs so big?

    1. Panzergruppe says:

      Wawh, dude brah! He’s um! Like! JACKED’D! And! In touch with his fashy feelz! <– Yep, D'amigo (the friend) is a limp-wristed republican.

  4. Panzergruppe says:

    Hmm… a faggoty fashy hairdo compliments of an up-the-duff stylist doing some publicity for the false narrative of lisping proud/gay boys actually being for European Nationalism. Way to go, kosher ass-mongers. You’re fooling NO ONE.

  5. John Connor says:

    Sinead, sorry this is long. Please read it all.

    Some things happened maybe you can comment on:
    Morrakiu, is he still your friend? You used to sing songs with him. Well 23andme (which has to be a jew lie) altered his profile to not just say 1.6% West African like before but now 0.3% Ashkenazi.
    Dreamydiglot, if you remember her from “how to get an alt right girlfriend”, took a test on 23andme that said she’s 100.00% European.

    Perhaps you can make a video about 23andme.

    Alex Jones divorced his first jew-wife in 2015. She got a mansion, several million, and $43,000-$44,000 a month. She gets more a month just to do nothing than most people get a year working in the USA. She spent it all on lawyers and then filed a motion for the court to simply directly rob Alex and give all his money to her lawyers that they want, basically to pay to hire lawyers to rob him.

    Alex Jones in January 2017 remarried a yoga instructor/escort and she’s pregnant with his fourth child. She is a jew. ALEX JONES DIVORCED A JEW AND MARRIED A SECOND JEW!!!!!!!! There aren’t many jews in Austin, Texas. He’s a gentile yet he only is interested in jewish women for some reason.

    Alex’s lawyers also claimed Alex acts crazy on air as an act and then Alex had to come on his show and tell his listeners he’s serious.

    So for your video:

    White Sharia — Very little Google results before when Andrew Anglin pushed it on The Daily Stormer. Nov 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHeIt1URKhw and Feb 2017 https://saboteur365.wordpress.com/2017/02/10/rape-me-emily-youcis-video/
    Yes Emily Youcis made a song about White Sharia before Andrew pushed it.

    For The Battle of Berkeley, the mainstream media didn’t even speak one bit of truth though. The Antifa woman was photographed throwing glass bottles at people’s heads all day. The mainstream media didn’t even mention the name Antifa, claimed the violent Communist terrorists were peaceful and the Antifa woman was an innocent girl. This is after these same people claimed women are stronger than men (eg. recent films) and put up a statue called Fearless Girl saying a little girl can defeat a bull in hand-to-hand combat, and also saying feminism is going to cause a stock market crash since she is fighting the Wall Street bull.

    After that the mainstream media claimed the guy who punched her is a “white supremacist”. The people at the free speech event weren’t even pro-white. They were libertarians mainly.

    And despite Trump doing the Syria thing, the mainstream media still constantly lies about him. Like he tossed a hat back to a kid when the kid was behind two adults. The mainstream media claimed he tossed his hat randomly into the air: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mooSQ0hCyU
    And this is after Richard Spencer, Mike Thernovich, Stefan Molyneux, Paul Joseph Watson, etc. all turned against Trump (not Alex Jones though.)

    So maybe you can explain why the mainstream media still constantly lies and creates pure fantasy to attack the kosher right.

    Funny how you did the accents like latinos. That’s always good to do. You should do more of that if you get a chance, different voices.

    You asked, “Are these adults playing capture the flag?” Umm you haven’t heard about 4chan against Shia LaBeouf since January have you? All their “weaponized autism” to track down a HWNDU flag with nothing but a view of the sky, chemtrails in the air, and passing planes.

    But for the capture the flag in Berkeley, Antifa used bear mace and threw bricks at people’s heads all day. The police disarmed the libertarians and then sat in their cars all day doing nothing letting Antifa attack and then largely only arrested libertarians. So why is the establishment still picking the side of Antifa?

    1. Asteria says:

      I am so sick of this dna test shit, I am glad I never took one. I am white that’s it I don’t need a test. I am Norwegian, English, Scottish and Italian. This obsession of pure whiteness is getting out of hand meanwhile we have openly mixed raced people and jews representing the alt right and are accepted but god forbid if you are a real white person and you find a minuscule amount of non white dna. I have been seeing now a lot of disrespect from Europeans saying that America is multicultural and only Europe should be saved. The Europeans are also calling us mutts and think that they are some sort of master race. I am not even going to go into white sharia. I just watched some cross dressing leftest do a video on white nationalist and he said that it seemed like white nationalists don’t even like white people. He was right they don’t. They are full of the most toxic hateful mindset I have ever seen and they make me feel safer around hispanics and blacks. Diglots dna test was the most fradulent bullshit I have ever seen.

    2. Panzergruppe says:

      John, I am not trying to be rude, but working to expose Alex Jones is about as worthwhile as “exposing” smoking as being contrary to a healthy life. He’s a KIKE, talks like one, dances like one and anyone who listens to his drivel isn’t a possible ally until they get their head out their ass.

  6. Ellie says:

    I feel more respected and safe to be a female around Asian men (particularly East Asian – Japanese, Chinese, Korean) than “pro-white” or “traditional” white men. Asian men listen to and care about the thoughts of women. They understand we can form rational thoughts. Asian women are expected to be intellectual. They are celebrated for their mental abilities, careers, accomplishments. Asian women are still given the burden of main parent and career women, but the Asian men DO pull more weight working as a balance. And Asian children do love their mothers more. They see she works hard for them.

    Conversely, White women are celebrated for having big boobs (studies show doesn’t affect ability to nurse or produce milk) and extremely low body fat percentage (lowers estrogen and fertility) so we’re praised for being baby machines but these retarded men are soooooo mind-controlled by jews via porn that they don’t even have a sense for fertile women anymore.

    Lol TRY telling any of these white men they are under the jew’s puppeteering and their ego won’t allow for the self-reflection. Women ARE intelligent, humble, and mentally flexible enough to self reflect and admit their faults and ways they’ve fallen for the jews. Thus males see our mature admissions as our admitting to being inferior while it is really an act of superior character.

    Honestly, men that have absorbed porn and taken it to heart truly need the jew to reproduce. Only a women tortured and broken from before she even leaves her mother’s womb could break and reform herself into the woman these “traditional pro-white patriarchal” men want. What woman enjoys being verbally degraded as a “dirty little girl” and “whore” as foreplay and dirty talk? Only a broken woman with low self esteem would let a man claim birthright to being in charge and telling her what to do, when she is more likely to be smarter than him (average white female iq is higher than average white males, plus less women are retarded and autistic than men.) Only a broken women could accept all she is good for is base natural processes (however beautiful. Horses give birth and nurture too. I love mama horses but human women are considered “higher” organisms because we can do more than base biological functions!!!!!!!). If a man wants a quiet, empty-headed, opinion less, pushover who just wants to make him happy as her only source of identity and satisfaction, then he loves and needs jews to make his dream GIRL by robbing a female her true WOMANHOOD of independent identity, thoughts, and personality.

    1. Panzergruppe says:

      Not much I disagree with here. Unfortunately, I’ve dated far too many women who have also bought-into what the porn expectations are for women AND men. I almost feel concussed from the amount of breakups because NO I don’t want to date a woman who prides herself on being what Hugh Heffner expects, or wants to be bound & gagged or wants to act-out rape fantasies, etc, etc – all being quirks they reveal after we’ve together for months… K, I have a massive headache now.

  7. I was thinking the same thing back then, I thought the event looked staged…. I also said at the time “based stick man” was far from organic because of his asymmetric alt-media attention, meme creation hysteria and convenient exit stage left arrest routine. All that makes me think he is doing nothing more than playing the antithesis to antifa in order to control any legitimate uprising through his newly founded “tactical defensive arm” of the Proud Boys, the people I refer to as his bunch of merry men. There was allot out of place that day Thomas Wictor points out some irregularities here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6S-xPS0G5nY

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