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  1. New Guineans aren’t African.

  2. Anthony Roberts says:

    Very informative video – thank you & your friend. Like aids, swine flu, zika, BSE is jew-made imo, and has crippled the UK since the mid 80’s. Millions more poor cattle were slaughtered and burnt on pyres. Offerings perhaps?
    I also think it was designed to cover up their filthy sacrificial ways and inbreeding. They gain wealth from manipulating the stock market prices too.
    This is just another form of jew terrorism and a way of keeping their puppet leaders, and countries in check. CJD/BSE is still making the news, 30 yrs later. The jews are disgusting beings – not human.

  3. Papua New Guineans aren’t Sub-Saharan African at all.

  4. Will says:

    A bit off point, but in the early New World, the (((Jesuits))) would take orphan Spanish children and inoculate them with Small pox, knowing that after 6 weeks (about the time it took to cross the Atlantic) the children would be covered with pox/boils, and then the (((Jesuits))) would send the sick child to the local native tribe they were trying to exterminate. And this early form of biological warfare worked. Millions( if we can believe the numbers that get passed around) of natives died. And in the book, The Jewish Pirates of the Carribbean, t he author brags about how Jewish settlers started and established all the Central and South American trade routes. While not mentioning how in order to do such, all the pesky native brown people would have to be removed or killed. So, when someone tries to tell you that White people killed off the natives of the Carribbean, Central and South America, you might remind him that it was a Jewish migration that did so..

  5. Throwthejew Downthewell says:

    I had an English 101 class and the teacher had us revise each other’s short stories and this small girl I sat next to wrote a short story about a man that had his house under the grass and would kidnap children and eat them while they walked home through or were just playing in the forest. If I remember correctly he would give away what he would call “roast beef” to people as a gift and it would be the children meat. I wish I could go back and ask her if she was jewish, it was just something that would never cross my mind to write about for a short story. She looked huwhite.

  6. a good video, I think its pretty much spot on. Good job on pulling together all the strands, as it were. 88!!

  7. Will says:

    Cannibalism popping up in movies?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vKKl6vMZ68

  8. John Connor says:

    In a video you did a week ago you mentioned Alt-Right playing “capture the flag” and I said actually they played it with (((Shia LaBeouf ))).

    Well there’s an old song parody “Real actual cannibal Shia LaBeouf” and this is the best version, mocking the pedo music video he made with a 12-year-old girl.

    So jews and cannibalism: Shia LaBeouf

    1. sin says:

      John Connor…Here’s a clip I made from that Sia song, “Elastic Heart”, were she tries to hide the track of her praising her god, Lucifer!…These satanic freaks love sacrificing children to Lucifer!…Sia, just like Shia, is most probably a MK’d slave?!

    2. sin says:

      Shia LaBeouf is an MK’d slave!…If he wasn’t a kike he would have been killed off aka “Been Thrown From The Freedom Train”, for having betrayed the Illuminati, but he is definitely being “drug threw the mud though”!…When he was on Jay Leno, he revealed secrets, and this was all before Snowden…

    3. sin says:

      Sorry that was the wrong clip (that’s actually a Mark Dice clip), but here is the Jay Leno one…

    4. sin says:

      I don’t know if Maddie Ziegler (the other jew in the video) is Mk’d, but I’m sure the kikes will get her too!…The kikes are sick people who think they can own people, like as though they are PETS!

      Maddie Ziegler’s tattoo says, “DON’T THINK”!


    5. sin says:

      Here’s one last pic of Maddie Ziegler showing signs of starting to sell her soul to the Satanic Mafia aka the Illuminati, making the Hail Satan devil horns!…Mk’d celebrities are whored out (including children) by the Illuminati, their just high class prostitutes to make shekels for the kikes!


  9. sin says:

    Here’s another pic of Maddie Ziegler being strangled & hung by the neck as a form of MK Ultra torture!


  10. sin says:

    This is a really good book about MK Ultra, the 3rd edition of it is called….DEEPER INSIGHTS…by Fritz Springmeir…


    1. sin says:

      Here are a few free pdfs of…DEEPER INSIGHTS…Oh, if you think you’ve been MK’d, been put threw hard core intense mind control, don’t read this because you might want to kill yourself!



      1. sin says:

        WARNING: I meant you might be PROGRAMMED to kill yourself!

  11. sin says:

    This book….BLOODLINES OF THE ILLUMINATI….by Fritz Spingmeier is also really good!


  12. Frank says:

    People who eat people
    are the luckiest people in the world

  13. Unita Readmore says:

    “You are an embarrassment to every gain in Western thought from the past 200 years.”

  14. Rita Book says:

    “You are an embarrassment to every gain in Western thought from the past 200 years.”

  15. John says:

    Dresden was a holocaust. A point I try to make when people talk about “defeating” the “nazis”

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