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  1. 95robert says:

    Honestly that mestizo in the begining of the video isn’t even trying, his voice is deeper than most men lmao. Also I don’t even know what thot means and I’d like to keep it that way because thanks to you SinĂ©ad I looked up the meaning of the word twink and I really don’t feel like need to know more degenerate words like that. At this point it’s just cluttering up my brain

  2. Asteria says:

    Ha ha mountain dew. Yuck! So trashy.

  3. sin says:

    Sinead did you take down my posts on your flat earth video on your heathen women site?!

    1. When you send 6 million comments at the same time they go to my spam folder. You’re welcome to comment, but not spam.

      1. sin says:

        Ya whatever, but you didn’t answer my question!

  4. Guinevere says:

    What’s that woman’s name?

    I consider Renegade Et Al kind of hyper-vigilant about trannies, but jesus that woman(?) really does sound manly.

    And she’s supposedly not even late 30’s/early 40’s? Maybe if she was past menopause and had had an unusually low voice to begin with.

    Very odd.

  5. Guinevere says:

    Well, she probably is a she and just a weird one, looking at some photos. But she’s certainly not white and doesn’t even try to hide it, if anything her garish makeup only amplifies her non-whiteness.

    I wish she would accept that she has no place whatsoever speaking for any segment of white women.

    1. It’s the White men that embrace her and even gave her a platform to spread her bullshit on in the first place. If it weren’t for Fed Lice, no one would know who this stupid gook lady is.

  6. Rodrigo says:

    Her voice is rare.

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