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  2. Adrian says:

    Let’s hope this will increase Renegade’s audience by 1000. Sinead and Kyle were stellar!

  3. Parker says:

    lol trolling with the burka, not even 5 minutes in and damn this is pretty entertaining, Wtf is this guy’s deal? You mention being a good parent and he lights up a cig, talking about women having no right to be in politics, “i dont like much anybody”, he said it himself, he’s just here to make dumb comedy videos that have nothing to do with making the world a better place. You won this debate by default Sinead. I wanted to punch him in the face when he said “sweety, men are talking”, wtf is this guy’s problem?? He just wants to troll women for what reason? Comedy? He doesn’t know shit about politics, stop wasting you time on these morons. “The person to be feared most is the one who pays no attention to the competition at all and just goes about making their own business better all the time” -Henry Ford

    1. I do this for the ladies that are being ostracized.

      1. Parker says:

        It’s dumb that even needs to be a point. Think god and goddess, sun and moon, yin and yang, etc etc. The ideal is man and woman together as equal, yet different, partners. What good is a partnership where one person has control over the other? What good is a team where half the team works against itself and the other half doesnt do much? Makes no sense. But you get a good partner relationship with everyone working together and you can achieve incredible things. Just look at militaries or even the movie Gladiator, divided we fall, united we conquer. This whole “man vs woman” this is senseless as trying to completely drown out the mescaline or feminine side of ourselves cause we all have both and it’s just a question of balance and situation. In any case it’s better to balance positives with positives than positives with negatives. Pure light/good/virtue is pure enlightenment.

      2. Thanks for doing this “debate”. I just found you yesterday. This was really upsetting.

        I try to take a more “in the mix” approach with the Alt-Right, just for communication purposes – but would never deride what y’all are doing, because its the logical extension – and quite frankly, the de-masked position.

        That guy is an embarrassment.

  4. Norður says:

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  5. R says:

    I can´t believe that evalion is degenerate now. Why?

    1. It seems she always was, and was just putting on an act for shekels and attention.

  6. PolesRunHo11ywood says:

    This Beard dude is a fucking loser. Why does Anglin continuously promote this pathetic, emotional little petulant child? This douche is the perfect example of a beta cuck.

    What I find fascinating is this bearded turd has no idea it is a complete loser. It honestly believes itself to be an Alpha or Sigma male.

    Also, did anyone else notice how it refused to name the jew or say anything remotely anti-jewish? It has very similar facial features to weev, especially around the eyes.

  7. He acts like a dumbass . Most likely low self-esteem.

  8. Keirsten says:

    This guy was an idiot. What a waste of conversation. Have you guys ever heard of the Radical Agenda? Hosts name is Christopher Cantwell. He’s a race realist and knows about the JQ. Dude is funny as hell but is also very smart. Maybe have him on the show or vice versa. Anyway, great work, Kyle and Sinead.

    1. The guy who writes articles about ” how to hit your wife and get away with it”? No thanks!

  9. Throwthejew Downthewell says:

    Calling people shills/jews/agents doesn’t do much, when you actually sit down and talk with them for an hour then people start to understand. Even Beardson’s own fans are not really fans anymore after this. “You’ll never get a white ethnostate!” “You just blame jews for all your problems! I’m over here trying to blame women and you just want to blame jews! I’m not trying to save anything nor help anyone, I don’t care about the future I’m just a comedian!”. You sort of just let him talk himself into his own grave.
    Renegade should have an alt right debate tour and hit all the major stops. Daily Shoah, Kevin Madonald, Damigo, maybe Anglin will sit and talk, Red Ice, Brandon Martinez, etc.

  10. Great job Sinead!!

  11. The first time I watched this vid I only got to the point where he insulted Sinead then turned it off , Then ,like driving by a bad car wreck, I had to come back & view the rest . My end conclusion is this guy / girl / it / white appearing person-(That might not be White race at all), is CLEARLY Anti-White race & does not want the White race to separate from the causes of White race GENOCIDE . He only wanted to put down White race people that want to stop White race genocide by separating from its causes by making fun of them & not taking the issue seriously & make comedy vids about the serious issue of White race GENOCIDE . Most likely there is better than a 90% chance he is a paid infiltrator by the Rich controllers of the planet /medias to keep people from understanding that there IS a White race GENOCIDE from happening AND that the ONLY CLEAR solution to stopping it is separating into ALL & Only White RACE communities controlled by White RACE people with our own White RACE currency (non-transferable to other currencies outside our White RACE living areas Its the only way our White RACE will survive into the future) .Most likely this guy/ it/ girl calls him/ her / it’s self a j.

  12. PolesRunHo11ywood says:

    Anglin is again defending this pathetic loser. He just wrote an article and posted a video defending this little gamma male using ‘Rules for Radicals’ tactics — mocking humor to shut up the opposition. This dude is clearly anti-White and why Anglin feels the need to promote this thing is quite telling.

    An actual man will ignore a turd like the jew, Beardson, as it’s humor only attracts degenerate losers and gamma manlets. The alt-right is not an attractive scene to the common man, as it is filled with weirdo’s, cucks and dildos.

    You guys obviously rustled some jimmy’s in the alt-right, as this loser is being carefully scripted/groomed for future consumption by alt-right fashy youth squads (it is appealing to the degenerate/nihilistic youth of our era). I suggest reposting this video to counter Anglin’s attempt to get the last word in and promote it on twitter or other platforms. It’s (ugly, child-like, jew Beardson) statement: ‘There will never be a white ethno-state. Period. Ever.’ is very telling.

    Thanks Renegade!!!

  13. Alex says:

    Sinead, why would you even think this guy is married? What a joke. This is your typical MGTOW loser slob. He totally lied about that. Just look at him and nothing indicates this is a married man. Then he realized he shouldn’t keep lying, so he refused to comment on having kids. This is your typical 30 something loser, playing video games, with a porn addiction, eating cheap pizza, smoking, drinking pop and waiting to get old. At 40 he will look like he is 65. Total loser.

    Kyle, you should have realized you were talking to a 5 year old. He literally had no clue about any of the intellectual things you were telling him. He has no education in history or politics, He is not a Jew but has no concept of what a Jew even is. Everything went right over his head. No wonder you got frustrated.

    Simply a sad case. You could have told him that a comedian actually needs to be funny. The poor slob has to resort to calling himself a comedian. It gives him license to be stupid and uneducated.
    What a waste of my time even watching this.
    I am sure you two have more constructive ways to spend you time.
    This guy was pathetic. If it wasn’t for the internet, this loser would be totally dismissed, as he is in the real world.

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  15. Deadly Music says:

    Well argued Sinead & Kyle! * Beardson is a typical Jew who is invested in his charisma and comedy whereby sophistry obfuscates and effectively disenfranchises Truth in the sophisticated 666 devil beast Virtual Host system. You are correct. Western Democracies have been subverted by International Jewry who are the real racist (caucasian) supremacists.

    Unfortunately too many goys (white and black and the rest) and especially ordinary Jews themselves are inculcated by The (virtual host) System c/- Media, Education, Commercial Culture, Political System, Judiciary, etc into being Fashion Victims and compete with each other for position and Status Quo within the paradigms of this Virtual Host System (i.e. The Virtual Host is The Parasite that has been systematically replacing the Native Host with itself).

    Kyle made valid points in the second part but was put on the back foot towards the end when Beardson deployed his awesome ‘jewie’ cosmopolitan sophistry that will appeal to those who are invested not only in their BS Politically Correct Identity Politics but also in the Virtual Host’s sophisticated (i.e. manufactured) version of the very same empathy they were both attributing to white females earlier in the discussion.

    Beardson’s reference to need for “nuance” and finding common ground rather than accusing everyone of being a disgusting Jew or shill for Jews is not altogether wrong. MSNME aside, the contemporary reality of who owns the major social media platforms and controls the market share makes his point. It’s a closed shop and the owners/controllers and their indoctrinated or sell out minions as the case may be do not welcome criticism of their Elitist NWO agenda. This reality also attests however to why Kyle must stay on message and not allow it to be contaminated. It’s a Catch 22.

    Suffice it to say, The Globalist crypto Communists (i.e. Economic Elites) are very effective at both propaganda and killing fascists which of course they also happen to be. Theirs’ is an “Orwellian #NeoHegeMonopolistic Crony Capitalist Crypto Communist Corporate Supremacy NWO” and why The Allies won WW2.

    Beardson pointing to the irresponsibility of white girls selling images of their butt holes for $50 is to my mind a case of “The Pot calling The Kettle Black”. It reflects the contemporary reality of an even more sophisticated version of the “Economic & Spiritual Oppression” that was prevalent in the Weimar Republic immediately prior to Hitler’s rise to power.

    Hitler 2.0 may well be on his way but I doubt he’ll be The Anti-Christ ’cause according to Brother Nathanael that spot is reserved for a Homosexual Jew. Perhaps he will be the antidote?

  16. Amber says:

    Sinead – Its great that you put that little shit in his place! He’s using hand signals left and right… bought and paid for cuck, probably sponsored by mountain dew – definitely NOT married.
    Kyle, I’m sorry but I just couldn’t listen to this agent rat’s awful pandering and back pedaling beyond 26 min.
    I am so thankful for the two of you, and all the work that you do for the rest of us, and our future children.
    Hail Victory!

  17. Littlefaith says:

    Girl..I am certifying this fat, doughy,unkept, paranoid, psychotic turd “KOSHER” He has all the deplorable Jewish traits. I am guessing he indulges in porn and viagra..have another bag of Doritos fat ass

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