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  2. johnsmith says:


  3. Panzergruppe says:

    And that is why I don’t waste time trying to “convert” alt-kike believers. How much more obvious can their jewish protocol-following agenda be?

  4. ))Ben(( says:

    Do I have permission to re-upload?
    I will not monetize, and will post links to give credit.

    This is really touching, this song. It makes the sad state of our generation (and these types) more clear than words usually do.


  5. Who are the 4 dudes at the beginning?

  6. High0ctane says:

    The girl at 2:52 is Bar Refaeli. She’s a Jewess.

    1. She seems to be the result of stolen Germanic genes, brought to israel. Sad 🙁

  7. KcowMoo says:

    I am watching the fall of civilization and no one gives a fuck, everyone playing games and all the people are blindly being sacked into theach pillars of duality they have created 😔

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