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  1. sineadmcarthy says:

    Reblogged this on Heathen Women.

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  2. Robert S says:

    Man that sucks! I agree with Daphne, fuck jewtube

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  3. johnsmith says:

    TPTB make me sick; hail flat earth nurse!

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  4. ))Ben(( says:

    I saw that video of hers yesterday (she put Jewtube in the title). Some Jew with “shut down authorization” must have been personally offended by her video, because they obviously overreacted.


  5. R says:

    Jews are really afraid.

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  6. Billy says:

    I think her channel is back now.

    Are you guys still cool? I like her quite a bit from what I can sense.

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  7. Fuck Daphne says:

    Maybe if “Daphne” wasn’t such a fraud and fame whore she could be credible. 95% of what she says about her personal life like being abused, her nursing career, and her mother being a prostitute are complete fabrications. I literally watched her videos in awe of the total bullshit.

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    1. sineadmcarthy says:

      Where are you seeing her admit that she’s lying?


    2. Expose The Lie says:

      Yep. Knew her in high school. Her real name is Addie. Her mother was not a whore. A gold digger, yes but not a whore. She was a nurse but never a RN. She was a CNA and I don’t know if she ever even become a LPN. Her mother was a whack job but she had everything handed to her on a silver platter. She had fun destroying several people and their lives in high school.

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      1. ))Ben(( says:

        Do you know if she just has daddy issues, or whether there’s is something particular “wrong” with her..?


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