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  1. PolesRunHo11ywood says:

    Has anyone else notice Richard Spencer’s constant sniffling, plugged nose and nose clearing? This same cold has existed for a couple of years now.

    Also, these same symptoms are attributable to cocaine addiction, as the addict repeatedly plies his nose with cocaine, thus inflaming and plugging the air passageways and sinus’.

    Richard Spencer stated clearly in a past video that “doing the occasional line of cocaine is acceptable” behavior and I would argue Richard Spencer is a cocaine addict.

    Furthermore, another sign of cocaine addiction is the reddish blotchy skin of the face, especially around the nose and eyes, as witnessed by Richard Spencer.

    Cocaine and its many chemical additives are actually poisonous to the human body and the body often reacts with these symptoms of stress.

    Lowered inhibition is another sign, as Richard Spencer visited gay bathhouses with Jack Donavon.

    Richard Spencer also has a flamboyant, effeminate air to him, including his speech patterns.

    Plus, Spencer will become quite hostile and angry if anyone challenges his looks, physique, effeminate nature or IQ, which are all signs of cocaine addiction (anger, hostility and paranoia, as cocaine usage leads to neurosis and eventual psychosis).

    1. I’ve thought the same thing. He even has the red nose and coke bloat.

  2. RadicalAgenda says:

    Damn I wish you listed the various personalities outlined in your comp vids…I’m not familiar with a few. Like who’s the lil fat communist kid and who’s interviewing with the tranny-ish chick (the guy with the missing front teeth and messed up upper lip). I know her from RedIce interviews and the guy looks familiar too, but I just can’t place him.

    1. It’s Melissa from The New Femininity.

  3. nadezhda says:

    Mellissa’s voice freaks me out. Why is her voice so deep and who wears that much foundation?!
    What’s with the weird Wiccanish rituals? What a freak show these people are and that mousy voiced girl that’s dating the communist guy always creeped me out . How do you learn everything about the holohoax and Hitler , watch The Greatest Story Never told ,etc and turn communist after ??? For me it was reverse because once I learned the truth I turned nationalist and there was no desire to go back to that leftist bs .

    I started questioning Duke recently because Christianity seems antiwhite anyway and he’s always pushing it and why he never mentions pizzagate and why does he act like trump and Putin are heroes? He has more than enough resources to see what’s going on and just makes excuses for them. I actually gave his site $50 a yr ago and feel nauseated at this point that I did so. He’s right up there with ((( brother Nathaniel))) to me at this point . Ugh…

  4. Rhys says:

    I don’t know what I would do without renegade and its bastion of sanity.

  5. I’d love a compilation of that insufferable simpering satanic faggot “Doctor” Greg Johnson. Anyone got any pics/vids/descriptions?

  6. ProWhiteHalfBreed says:

    12:58 What a trad thing to ask a woman. Top kek!

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