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  2. WOW , at least our Pre-Christian White race religions (For White race people only), that evolved North of the Alps were ALWAYS, (as far back as recorded history), non-violent & easygoing & nice & never used fear to control NON-White race people that wanted to be part of our race culture . We were always civil to people throughout history . (Always remember , the people that were not civil & nice were NOT part of the WHITE RACE). There will ALWAYS be abnormal humans out there, the White race members must always be on guard .

  3. Amber says:

    How can anyone look at those pictures and not be totally disturbed? There is just NO way to ”explain away” or even attempt to innerrstand the psychopathic nature of the jew…
    Seriously… what the fuck.
    Those soulless freaks will either die a most horrific death, or suffer the most unimaginable post mortem.

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