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  2. Good reminder of who is in charge of printing more green paper currency when ever they need or want it . It is , TRULY, amazing how ignorant White race goyslaves are . They are being used as fodder for other Mediterranean races interests , They should be back over here creating more White race children & separating from the causes of White race genocide . Un -fricking believable . I think those of us awake ones should just meet other White race awake people & separate from the idiots . If they have not figured it out by now they never will or their egos won’t let them accept they have been duped their whole lives . Either way they are not good genetic stock because they have no common sense to reason out what is most important in life (Preserving race & culture of your race ) .

  3. Argo says:

    SInead, what do you think about this girl?

    1. I can’t really get into her videos. They seem a bit introductory.

  4. Argo is brainwashed by Anti-White race infiltrators like Alt rt people (That are mostly mixed race , some of which have white skin but are not of the White race), that, are trying to change the” primary issue” of stopping White “RACE” GENOCIDE by separating from its causes into ALL & only White “RACE” communities , to talking / posting about words that have different definitions & NON -specific meaningless gibberish statements & meanings to White race people that just waste time thinking about ,-IE. Nationalist / white , (Which is what the Anti-White race people want) . Its interesting , you can always spot the newly awakened or infiltrators because they always post about Anti-White race info. of infiltrators first, (Because they the Anti-Whites, have more / unlimited funding , to muddy the primary message using the Rich controllers controlled medias ).

  5. Fantastic video and parody cover song keep up the great work Sinead!

    Wanted to ask, as some others do, what do you think about this individual?:

  6. jeanjessup says:

    Video unavailable.

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