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  2. One of a kind; very well researched, cited and produced . Imagery must have taken alot of time and work to assemble.

    This was very disturbing even for me as one generally familar with the material. I will be very curious what the reaction is.

    1. AlexP says:

      Blocking Paypal account. How inventive.
      I’ve been able to watch only 30 minutes of it. If you don’t get enraged you have no soul.

  3. dagoyimknow says:

    Great video fuck the DUAL ISRAELI MOSSAD pedo-ZOG which is Behind White Genocide in All White Nations!

  4. Panzergruppe says:

    Outstanding work and thank you for not repeating the jewish propaganda regarding MK Ultra, which was a judeo-communist/’Murican operation from start to today.
    Thank you also for not making the mistake of interpreting Jonestown as religious fanaticism. The american government assisted that mind control op from Indiana to California to Guyana. Close to 1,000 British and French special forces were deployed in the jungle around the encampment after Congressman Ryan’s arrival. <– That will explain why bodies were face-down, off the walk ways and grouped together. As well, it explains why the "survivors" (as endorsed in documentaries, books, etc) stick strictly to the "official" explanation.

  5. Zogtroll says:

    Great documentary everyone should mirror this all over on any video hosting sites!!

  6. hughwyatt says:

    It was an honor to work with you both on this. I hope this shines some light on the pedocracy for those who are unaware. I also hope it shatters the current alt media paradigm concerning MK Ultra. Well done!

  7. Yrton says:

    A groundbreaking documentary!

  8. Christina Romana Alva H. says:

    This was the most important documentary that I have ever seen. I have not seen Hellstorm yet, but I am already aware of the massive atrocities by the allies since I was a child since it was taught to us in a private Catholic school a few years ago.

    As evil a country as I know the usa to be, your nation is even worse than I had imagined. I cringe when someone says americans are an exceptional people and I believe saying God Bless America to be blasphemy.

    Thank you for putting this documentary together. I will share the information with my family and friends. It will be easy. All my relatives but one already hate America.

  9. Amber says:

    Incredible, and deeply disturbing work, that every parent and potential should know about.
    It is past the point of sickening, now approaching complete repulsion (for the 100+ time) of these heinous freaks, only to be praised in such a lecherous paradigm as that seen under a jewish controlled era.
    I look forward to the future where we are truly free of our depraved juden overlords, and the trash they have immersed us in is where it belongs – ISRAHELL.
    Thank you so much for committing your energy, time, and for sacrificing your short term sanity, to exposing such horrendous crimes.
    The images and research you have compiled, and what you have brought to light is truly – the stuff of nightmares.
    In a healthy and sane world, these culture destroyers, pedophiles, perverts and freaks would never see the light of day again.
    Again, I thank you all for your work and dedication to bringing about a brighter, happier future, by speaking the truth during these transition years.

  10. Tony says:

    Not sure if anyone pointed this out……..If one scrambles the name Alefantis
    we get…… infants + Ale,
    Ale besides meaning a type of beer also means magic sorcery & intoxication.

    I wanted to end this post with food for thought but realized it inappropriate in the context of the subject matter.

  11. A. S. says:

    Woah. “…THOSE AREN’T BLUE EYES THEY’RE GREEN, RIGHT? LEMME SEE…” (USED A GIRLS NAME??) & KISSES – wtfffffilth?? I just started watching & I’ll probably comment 100x but I won’t do the “pause & comment every minute”…your all can see yourself what’s here. Spread/Share this around Versus spreading hehe hehe memes & dumbass Instagram or whatever that reshape your face as an animal & make goofy voices bs….sure, I’ve seen a 3sec stupid clip with a chuckle but nevermind…… Renegade Forever – no matter dissent! F* retards &/or normies who loooove their enslavement which most have not a clue they are one – they just get pissed & hit their kids & give em a cell phone & tv’s to shut them the f* up……insanity.

  12. A. S. says:

    You all* not your…(keyboard malfunction)

  13. spencergate says:

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  14. Artemisia Imperatrix says:

    Great documentary! Let’s fight against sexualization of children and people who encourage it, including mothers, fathers, older brothers and sisters who think it’s oh so sweet! It makes me vomit to see Kids Make-Up at Claire’s an female youtubers making “kids makeup only challenge!”.
    When I was Young, kids make up was like this : (in french, this is “fairy flower makeup”, my country is not yet too damaged by sexualization of children)
    Now it looks like that (boys as well as girls!!!) :

  15. hank says:

    I am noticing a lot of time jumps in this film. I have counted about 3 so far. I can note one at– 37:37

  16. Thank God you take the time and effort to try to wake people up . I have lost all my so called friends and all of my family for trying to spread these facts and I don’t really give a big rats ass !!! The bible says families will turn against each other in the end times !!! I have shared your video with every ave. i can . Blessings

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