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  1. Luca says:

    I thought I had a strong stomach but listening to this nearly made me sick. Good vid nonetheless.

  2. Grizz Frank says:

    Great video, thanks very much for uploading!

  3. Christina Romana Alva H. says:

    Thank you for putting out this video. Very informative. My relatives and friends are always shocked when I show them these things. Being in USA is like serving time in Purgatory.

  4. my ex girlfriend was bisexual, and has many gay friends. they thrive off offending people, they think its the greatest thing in the world to push the limits of disgusting just so people are shocked, they are all “artists” and “musicians”, everything they produce is worse than children in technique and less inspired than andy war-hole trapped inside a concrete cube. to be honest i avoided them as they are all drama queens and incapable of formulating rational thoughts, even when not on drugs

  5. KcowMoo says:

    Disquieting and I believe that one of the secrets of jew controlled masonry in the higher levels just as it is in occult circle there is path of “enlightment” I read about that discuss raising the kundulini at the base of the spine threw sexual stimulation and penetration of the ahole and seeing flashes of light colors when throttled, just a bunch nasty sodomite garbage and I can’t except that as being any format of true kundulini awaking and enlightment just gross 😝

  6. Charles Andrews says:

    Mk ultra is the blame for changing men to become gay I know and it’s 100% true they tried to make me gay at 53 married for 26 yrs and that’s not all they did

  7. arsenios says:

    Good vid nonetheless. I intellection I had a impregnable venter but hearing to this nearly made me tired of(p).

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