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  2. Sinead is a god damn one woman tour de force. Damn. Now that’s talent. I just read The Controversy of Zion for the 10th time. Oh yessssss! Bring on debate. I know every move of the tribe, including juvenile head fakes from 3000 b.c. to 2200 a.d. Try me. I’m Robison reborn. He has been REMADE!!!! I used to say please to get my way, now I dynamite ’em out of my path!

  3. I’ve read everything Reed, Major General Spiridovich, Archibald Maule Ramsey and all the heavy hitters from Marcus Aralias who said, “I’m sick of those filthy loud mouth stinking J’s”, to Seneca, “The Hebrews are fomenting a general plague throughout the earth.” G.S. Patton, “I won’t preside over the ruining of the greatest race in Europe”….”I know about the lost tribes, lost to every ounce of decency in the world.” “Give me 3 panzer divisions out of the camps right now and I’ll destroy the entire Red Army in 3 weeks, they’re baggage train consists of worn out rags and a few chickens and pigs.” I will entire the debate soon. I find out if I need one more surgery or not. It will be just orthoscopic this time for cleanup so 4 wks tops. Kawasaki at 120 mph burning down 75 hwy s. in the driving rain will put you DOWN, but not out. Voltaire, “I wouldn’t be surprised if the J’s became deadly to the human race….” I’ve been healing for many years including 10 surgeries and I’m ready to roll off the reassembly line after non stop reading behind 30 years of study on this topic before hand. Hop on baby lets goooooo!

  4. KyGrifter says:

    You just blew mind.


  5. Wernher von Braun says:

    Thank you for all you do Sinead! Clever and full of veritas.

  6. This is brilliant; I knew she was a shill for shekels but wasn’t aware of several details herein

  7. Excalibur says:

    Youtube is not the same without you Sinead.

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