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  2. Amber says:

    Good gog they’ve really done a phenomenal job on the propaganda . .. What the fuck happened?!
    The few years prior to the election it seemed like the entire country was finally in agreement that elections are not really ”elections” per say, but SELECTIONS.
    It seemed like the awareness of the voting deception was beyond the tipping point, and then – Trump? Really?
    A candidate no one liked until he started speaking (just a few) pro white – talking points!
    Desperate times call for desperate measures is the adage I guess..
    It’s obvious how desperate the JWO is, even National Propaganda Radio is apparently throwing a few bones our way these days….
    When will the Aryans be desperate enough to fight back?
    Once everyone of their offspring are diseased and dying either from forced vaccines or GMO mosquitos infections, or when the last white noble daughter marries the dready dindu?
    Wake Up White Folk!
    Your time has come!!!

  3. sam.freir says:

    “Let’s make america great again, by exploiting poorest nations, destabilizing the middle east, stealing their natural resources, bringing it into our wonderful country to make it prosperous. but let’s all hope these people dont come after to take what belongs to them” #maga #muhwesterncivilization #fuckislam #buildthewall

  4. My 2 cents is, of all the candidates, Trump is the “Appropriate” president. Both his presidency and your video, well reflects the contemporary truth. In my view, considering the power dynamic is what it is, Trump’s sElection was and probably still remains the most sensible choice.

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