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  1. Das Rhienenfuchs says:

    I wasn’t suprised for one bit.

  2. Christina Romana Alva H. says:

    What can I say? That was a good video. The hard earned of experience of Catholic countries was that Jews could not be trusted. So for many centuries we had strong disabilities against Jews and Saracens within our secular societies and the Church itself.

    For instance up until the late 19th century, Spanish army officers had to prove their wives were free of any Jewish/Moorish blood. This was only stopped because of the paucity of records by that time. Jews within the Church itself had disabilities placed on them until the 8th generation in some cases. In other cases the any drop of jewish blood applied. Such as the Jesuits who could not have any Jewish/Moslem blood no matter how many centuries in the past. This lasted from 1593 until 1946. In southern Spain a priest could not say a mass in the cathedral up until the late 1960’s because he had a little bit of impurity in his blood line. These were the limpieza de sangre laws. When Mussolini in 1931 forbade Jews and/or Jews and their children who had converted to Catholicism not to have any say owning or disseminating radio/newspaper information the Pope congratulated him on a slight return of the traditional anti-Semitic laws.

    My observation in the US is that Jews can think circles around the WASP.
    The only way for white americans to protect themselves from the Jew is to keep them from your organizations. Without religion to support you, it becomes harder to fight them. Protestants traditionally are way more pro Jewish than Catholics. Until nowadays of course when everything is collapsing.

  3. Jack Herbic says:

    What do you think about Ironmarch.org? A group that they spawned just found James Mason who is now writing “seige” again. They have a similar view of the alt right as you do.

    1. bitterherbs says:

      What do you think about Ironmarch.org? A group that they spawned just found James Mason who is now writing “seige” again. They have a similar view of the alt right as you do.
      Could you delete that first comment, I didn’t know the name would be displayed, and I’d rather not come up on searches. Thanks

  4. konradrhodes says:

    Dear Sinead,
    Let me say that I, and I’m sure there are others, am thankful for your reporting on this and letting us know what is really going on. I don’t want to make excuses but many of us who are White, working-class, and parents of rapidly growing kids have little time during the week to keep up with all of it. What you are doing is not really ‘in-fighting’ because none of these Alt-Right people are even remotely like us! Being National Socialist is a true Weltanschauung and not just being ‘pro-white’. We can be open to stand with others, after all the early NSDAP stood together with the Stahlhelm and various Freikorps against the Allied Jewish Capitalist/Communist raping of Germany BUT they were uncompromising and intolerant on their programme and principles! Those who win have to fight everyone who wants to step up. National Socialism is the solution and we have our forebears to draw proof and edification from! NEVER FORGET that! They didn’t have NS from the past to draw from. Also when it comes to real fighting and resistance I’ll tell you, I grew up with skinhead older brothers who got in trouble and arrested quite a bit as minors and a couple times as adults, however unlike most Skinheads they did read Mein Kampf and took National Socialism seriously, so I don’t want anyone to think that shaving your head and drunken brawling hooliganism is the answer! But god damn! anymore I’d take a skinhead ready to bust heads and draw blood over most of the people I meet who are “in the know” any day! Of course I would never promote any kind of violence, but I know its not that hard to find out where certain people live and go everyday and unless you’re stupid its not really that hard to do it and get away with it. Until guys like this Roosh are actually afraid to show themselves in public for fear of a REAL White Resistance blasting him to pieces with buckshot we really have nothing!

  5. Never put a Jew in charge. The good Jews would first sterilize themselves, then leave the country bringing some blacks with them. Then I’ll believe they’re good Jews.

  6. KcowMoo says:

    There logo was a cube the a jew cube what do except people but no one listen to despite warning them.

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