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  1. JoJo says:

    You guys kill me. lol

    I had some hopium when Trump said something about the statutes, then I remembered the government in Australia, did not let him buy a casino due to his Mafia connections.

  2. Anthony Roberts says:

    Good advice for all those democracy addicts lol. Remember folks: “Just say no” to jews!

  3. thanks; I needed some hopium

  4. PWHB says:

    Top Kek!

  5. Good humor, and a good idea, i.e. if you can make them laugh, you can get your point across, no problem. 88!!

  6. Dear Kyle and Sinead,
    Very funny and cute guys! Not trying to sound like a fag but yes LMAO! Just nice seeing a normal couple telling the truth and having fun. Somehow it reminded me of an address Joseph Göbbels gave regarding how much better society and culture became with the removal of the Jew. I think our entertainment would actually be funny and not sick, weird, awkward and awful if we had normal people like you two! great job! Whenever I encounter young men swaying toward the alt-right I just want to hit’em with a bat. A wiffle ball bat of course.. With a big Swastika drawn on it. lol Just hate seeing young impressionable men being played upon and ruined by these alt-right Jew-loving phonies. And I’m sure many of them can be brought to real National Socialism

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