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  1. You’ll “love” this – #UniteTheRight Psy-Op moves into its next phase: Spencer on Kikestani TalmudVision: “I am a White Zionist.”


  2. Don’t worry, “goys”, even though the “AltRight” is getting deplatformed!banned!censored! because of the Feds’ #UniteTheRight psy-op, #SpookSpencer is safe, his AltRight dot com & NPI rackets are still online, with Cloudfare protection, still shilling for shekels on PayPal and via his ‘alleged’ pyramid scheme Counter.fund with Kike Belau, fedPax, et kikera.

  3. #WhiteDevils by #UniteTheRight Psy Op organiser #JasonKessler:

  4. That Spencer on Kikestani TalmudVision vid posted above was deleted.

    A mirror:

    Spook Spencer White Zionism K-stani TalmudVision:

  5. #SpookSpencer & Horowitz’s Heimbach on ABC & PBS:


  6. Yidfaith Godlyberg was infiltrated into the ‘Alt-Right’ psy-op at C-ville by Fed RobWarrenRay/Azzmador (after she was just cohensidentally right at the scene of the Fields crash). Then she was “fired” by Kike Ezra Levant. Then Levant crashed his own racket, after raising hundreds of thousands in donations to supposedly set up his own “conservative alternative” to JewTube.

  7. Kikezra Levant “defends” himself by saying he literally paid rent-boys:

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