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  1. iulianus says:

    Sinead, I admire your videos for the sheer guts you display when it comes to putting forward the facts which should have been obvious to everyone but sadly most people choose not to see them. Not to mention your witty way of unmasking the individuals who pose as the “true representatives of our cause”. I wish all the best to you and Kyle.

  2. This was the worst dicky vid yet…

  3. It’s always refreshing for me to listen to Sinead say it like she feels it is without any of the disingenuous PC BS.

  4. amber says:

    ya know, surprisingly I never ”got on his train”… Thankfully, I’ve been listening to Renegade Broadcasting.
    Hearing you Sinead, Kyle, and the rest of the broadcaster’s there put all of the Dangerous Dick party pieces together and show, who this demonically possessed (or jewish) pawn, really is, and kept me from wasting more than a half hour or so on this faggot voiced, (possibly FTM) creature in the ill fit clothes.
    I figured I had better things to hear out..
    I thought I would just play this vid, probably not really listen, let alone watch, while I cleaned up the kitchen – I didn’t really need to after all since I knew enough about him anyways…
    Sinead, I am so glad I watched, and listened.
    This was an excellent video.
    Your perspective is truly a ray of light in this dim, dimmmm, deeply depressing world.
    Every day I wonder what else I could possibly learn, and low and behold, I am constantly left in awe at the end of each day, especially after checking out either the Tribune, the broadcasting site, or here… You guys really are one of the brightest beacons of sanity in this truly retarded, backwards world of constant jewish assault and deception.
    Some days I try to convince myself that this is indeed ”an exciting time to be alive” and ”we’ve been through this before, we’ll get through this again”….. other day’s my outlook is much, much more depressed.. especially the more I learn about history, and watch it literally repeat it’s violence and re-deception right before my very eyes.
    I fantasize about the ancient past, and the future I would love to see. Peace. Stability. Homogenous villiages, regions, countries – where it’s leaders actually resolved conflicts and disagreements through discussion, and worked civilly with each other, for a true love of their own lives and their countries peoples, avoiding wars at all cost’s from more than just the natural, healthy repulsion to excessive bleeding and violence.
    Lands where people lived, really knew, and loved the land the lived on, where generations of families could return joyfully.
    Safety for all peoples, without fear of the jew.
    I apologize for rambling on… I just wanted to say thank you for doing this for us.
    Good things this way comes, for those that are truly righteous, and are one of those truly righteous – remember that!
    I know, you know, that this fight is for more than just our lives, or even our children’s lives. There are unseen forces that recognize and reward the honest and just, opposing those that feed from filth and degeneracy.
    You are doing the work that make your ancestors rejoice for their own lives, to present you to us.
    The work of ten thousand women in this lifetime.
    What a wonderful, brave woman you are – a great truth speaking role model.
    That you and Kyle have found each other and produced what you do – we are so lucky to have you two!

  5. legit frog says:

    I just discovered your website. In France you would be in jail already just for saying the things you say hahaha (for real, I’m not kidding)

    You are what freedom of speech looks like, keep rocking !

    1. We have no freedom of speech here. I lost my job for saying these things and have endured relentless harassment and ritual defamation. Telling the truth comes with a MAJOR price.

  6. Jeri says:

    Piccionlini realised he could milk his ‘reformed Nazi’ image to become famous by kissing left/Jew ass after his youth anger/testosterone dropped. He is a fraud.

  7. One of the best you’ve ever done!

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