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  1. Where I get my restore and iodine: http://avatarproducts.com/
    I forgot to mention that we also take nascent iodine daily.

  2. MJN says:

    Hey how ’bout a link Sinead!

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    A run down of the items we sell in our shop!

  4. good work 🌿

  5. Hello Mrs. McCarthy I was checking your videos left on YouTube and it seems because of YouTube’s new Hate speech policy where they take down anything remotely hateful and remove it completely including your evailon interview, David Duke Interview, and Audrey R. Ben Interview was missing hell even Brian Ruhe had to make your interviews with him Unlisted I guess to avoid flagging for hate speech hell my YouTube videos gotten attack for Hate Speech. I just figure I let you know because those were one of your best interviews I loved watching as I started listening to your content around the time I was getting Red-Pilled to the whole Jewish World Order and White Genocide Crisis. So what is your plan of action which your going to do about that because your one of the most influential women of our Race and I believe message comes across to us all through those videos hell when I heard of your story being locked away in a Anglo Utah Medical Center I swear it just me shocked the way Anglo Saxons would behave and treat fellow White Americans. But anyway I also your recordings on Renegade Broadcasting are missing so I thought i just mention that. Also your work is the best and your work on discovering proper ways of birthing children was magnificent as I didn’t no that ultrasounds was dangerous and I am glad there working hard to keep kids safe from the Drugging of our race by these Jews and I swear my family wasn’t lucky and I ended up with an Autistic sister who is disabled with autism because of these forced vaccinations by these Jews to destroy our race. But anyway this was a great review I am glad there are more natural options for medicine and herbal supplements as I am tired of these Kikes medications they force upon us all which is damaging to our health just as the consumerist products they fill our grocery stores with but anyway Ma’m I wish you a good night.

  6. Dewald Potgieter says:

    Do you ship to South Africa?

    1. boudicacious says:

      I have heard that is is virtually impossible to ship to South Africa.

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