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  1. boudicacious says:

    Obvious provocateurs are obvious.

    1. Jeffery Leon says:

      “Corral the 50 wealthiest jews and there will be no wars.” – Henry Ford

  2. Backgammon Player says:

    But, but “Kikes for Hitler” sounds legit mu ha ha ha!

    1. I agree 100%. This “JEWS For Hitler” character, Rubin, is controlled distraction/subversion. I posted a comment on Jim Rizoli You Tube channel, trying to warn him in being sucked in by this “Trojan Horse”. We MUST live by one rule in this day and age…….NO JEWS!!! Ever! When will we learn????

  3. Backgammon Player says:

    The newest German controlled opposition figure: https://plus.google.com/photos/photo/103923248458767353671/6532755026057887074
    Look Alfred Schaefer is with him: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9H2LiylZVo&t=351s
    And Ursula Haverbeck: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQ0rB9wgqfU&t=93s
    Horst Mahler is a fraud too. Probably he’s on the Maledives.

    1. boudicacious says:

      Can you give us English speakers a bit more context as to why this guy is controlled opposition? I’m aware that Alfred is clearly a provocateur but where is the proof for Ursula?

    2. boudicacious says:

      I found some really weird propaganda regarding Horst Mahler on Daria Dugina’s (Aleksandr Dugin’s Daughter) Facebook page:

      1. Backgammon Player says:

        Interesting, thx.
        Mahler had a website called (I translate) “Uprising against Jewry and there was an article named “We are Luther”. It was about a flyer action in Germany to wake up people. Actually I liked the idea a lot. But in the text was written “Donald Trump, the designated 45. president of the USA, has stood up, to give once again a voice to Luther’s warning. Back then I believed that he was legit and bc I also believed that he had been nearly 10 yrs in jail and was already 80 yrs old, I wrote him on March 20th 2017 (a few months after Trump got in office) a nice email in which I applauded him for his action and courage but tried to educate him on Trump with videos from Renegade, “How Jews own DT” from Chris Dorsey and with the video “Trump is the swamp” from TMR, now TMF (he’s a fraud too bc he said the Las Vegas shooting was real and other things). He responded the same day by doubling down on his love for Trump. He said that Trump punched MSM beyond repair (LOL). I responded and this time I sent him 10 more videos proving that Trump’s a fcked up hardcore Zionist. He didn’t respond any more.
        I have to admit that in the first few months, when his rhetoric was absolutely sweet I liked Trump. I always knew he could be a deception though. Under a Renegade video Sinead pulled my ears so long that I still have phantom pain from that. But I deserved it. How embarrassing…

      2. Horst Mahler was a COMMUNIST during the early to mid 70’s. He was the defense attorney for “Baader-Meinhoff” and the Red Army Faction in Germany. He has stated his Mother once told them they had 10% Jew blood in their past…..

  4. boudicacious says:

    Thank you for explaining. Alfred Schaefer pulled the same exact stunt regarding Trump. He would even come into the renegade comments section on shows we did EXPOSING Trump, and would shill relentlessly for him. Then he and his sister tried to paint me as some divisive person for calling Alfred out.

    1. boudicacious says:

      I’m still not seeing evidence Ursula is controlled opposition. Is it just the people who interview her that are kosher approved?

      1. Backgammon Player says:

        To make it easy I just copy a conversation I had today:

        Sockpuppet 2020
        Sockpuppet 2020
        vor 18 Stunden
        Der Volkslehrer are the ones who interviewed Ursula Haverbeck — can you tell me more about them?

        Backgammon Player
        vor 15 Stunden
        Sockpuppet 2020
        Haverbeck endorsed the AfD which is 100% contr. opp.. On their events the Israel- and Wirmer flags are flying. Their politicians want controlled immigration (only a little less), speak of a Christian-Judeo Occident, lie about terror hoaxes and worship the holocaust. Instead Haverbeck should tell us that all politicians are bought & paid for / threatened by (((them))). She’s an actor and needs serious time in a labor camp.

        Sockpuppet 2020
        vor 13 Stunden
        Backgammon Player said:

        “Haverbeck endorsed the AfD…”
        Do you have a source for that?
        Ursula Haverbeck might have spoken at one of their events, but that’s most likely because She has no other way of getting Her message out.
        “On their events the Israel- and Wirmer flags are flying”
        Not while Ursula Haverbeck is speaking.
        “Their politicians want controlled immigration (only a little less)…”
        Ursula Haverbeck writes articles and produces videos exposing White genocide, the Kalergi plan and the Hooton plan.
        “…speak of a Christian-Judeo Occident…”
        Ursula makes very clear that She is NOT a Christian.
        “…lie about terror hoaxes…”
        She is not interested in terror hoaxes.
        “…and worship the holocaust…”
        Ursula exposes the Holohoax on Her website and has produced videos exposing the Hoax.She says on video and in articles: “The holocaust is the biggest, most persistent lie in the history of the world”

        She was recently convicted of Holocaust Denial and sentenced to two years in prison.
        “Instead Haverbeck should tell us that all politicians are bought & paid for / threatened by (((them)))”
        She DOES!!!
        Have you ever read an article by Her?
        I know — that was a stupid question.
        “She’s an actor and needs serious time in a labor camp”
        That would have sounded better in Yiddish, I bet.

        Backgammon Player
        vor 8 Stunden
        Sockpuppet 2020
        “She was recently convicted of Holocaust Denial and sentenced to two years in prison.”
        I see you need Peekay (Truth) from Australia to explain you what hoax trials are. But arrange a daily session with him bc tomorrow you’ll already have forgotten what a hoax is.

        I’ve been talking about the AfD. I should’ve made that clear. But then again if you had any idea what a Juden-party the AfD is, then you would’ve known that they never ever would let a holocaust “denier” speak at their events. Bjoern Hoecke from the AfD has been going down on his knees at Buchenwald at a holocaust remembrance day.
        Here the AfD vowes to increase their fight against anti-Semitism,
        youtube (German): AfD – Beatrix von Storch im Bundestag: “Antisemitismus ist in jeder Form eine Schande”
        SO basically the AfD fights for the very Jews who fill our streets with the third worlders. When soon the social funds will be empty they will become marauders and murder us in the great European civil war.

        What’s the difference between Ernst Zundel and Ursula Haverbeck? Just read the title of this piece,
        youtube: Holocoust – Ernst Zündel im ZDF Interview 1999 (zensiertes und nie ausgestrahlt!!)
        “Censored and never aired” That’s the fcking difference. Haverbeck was not accidentally on German mainstream TV but bc they wanted her there. It’s the same reason why Edward Snowden and Wikileak’s Julian Assange received air time: Bc all of them are fcking frauds. Snowden lied about the Underwear Bomber Mutallab, said that the American intelligence agencies knew that 9/11 was coming but screwed up bc mass-surveillance created such a mountain of data that the actual warning had not been realized (LOL). Snowden said that he wants surveillance to counter terrorism but a more efficient surveillance (LMAO). Assange claimed (paraphrazing) that 9/11 was a stupid conspiracy theory. Whole Wikileaks is a Zionist operation – you can youtube that.

        Here is Haverbeck running for another controlled opposition party which already stated that they support the AfD just like the NPD did in the last election (to not reduce the percentage for the AfD, the NPD told their supporters to vote AfD.
        Youtube: Ursula Haverbeck ist Spitzenkandidatin von DIE RECHTE zur Europawahl!

        In case you still haven’t understood the big picture, namely that democracy is a (((fraud))), then let this Jew tell you how the kikes manage to rule the world by democracy,
        youtube (German): Demokratie nur eine Fassade? Tiwaz T.

      2. Backgammon Player says:

        I believe that Ernst Zundel was real and that he gave the JWO lots of headaches and so they set up a whole Punch-and-Judy show with their own acting holocaust “deniers”, to be 100% in control.

  5. 3544 dfgdfg says:

    What a disgusting old coot.

  6. Brian Ruhe says:

    I was unfairly portrayed in this video. I was right to constantly interrupt Mukunda dasa as he was dominating the discusstion and he interrupted Jews for Hitler’s proper turn to speak. Sinead McCarthy has attacked me before so here she tries to make me look mentally ill by taking this video clip out of context. Sinead McCarthy has demonstrated that she is jealous of the success of others in our truth movement and she spends endless hours attacking good peope on our side instead of the Jews.

    1. boudicacious says:


  7. Brian Ruhe says:

    Thank you kindly, Boudcacious!

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