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  1. Backgammon Player says:

    Truly inspiring!
    I’ll try this compilation when I can’t fall asleep.

    The Greatest Traitor Never Exposed lately deleted my comments when I ridiculed “Kikes For Hitler” and called Alfred Schaefer controlled opposition.
    At least I know now why he was such a Putin fan and numerous times on channel Andy Adams (Alt-Right Andy) who is one of David Duke’s men. Btw Johnny Gat is a zombie too. He sandboxed my comments.

    I love your videos, so don’t get me wrong but this conspiracy is so huge that it deserves a piece in the world-famous Renegade style – would be surely be a blockbuster.

    1. boudicacious says:

      I noticed Johnny Gat and “Really Graceful” are buddies now. I had asked Really Graeful onto my podcast about a year ago and she stated that she would come on but she “didn’t hate jews” like I did lol. I now see that she’s doing a limited hangout expose of “zionism” on her channel. Basically pushing the line that the holohoax totally happened but zionism is kind of bad lol

      1. Backgammon Player says:

        I didn’t know “Really Graceful” but checked her now. Yeah, according to her Las Vegas was a false flag (not a hoax) and the poor holocausted Jews are also victim to these evil Zionists who are often not even Jews. A few bad apples and (((everybody else))) is great – LOL.

        I never would’ve thought that Johnny Gat was a fraud. It’s such a shame. 95% of political channels are betrayers.

  2. arynman says:

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  3. Marcus Nero Augustus Mosley says:

    I was on that man’s live stream He is nothing more then a Lying Judaised Brit he only cares about himself just as his fellow Judaised Briton elites who sold out there own Anglo Saxon race in Africa and the White Race as a whole by getting us into two World Wars with Germany. These Jews and Judaised Anglo’s are best friends in this fight against our race and that’s what Oliver is a collaborator with World Jewry and he hates Irishmen, Italians, Slavs, and Germans claims were not White only he is White he is a British Israelite. I swear Sinead and Kyle this man is cynical he doesn’t see any other White Racial group as a brethren he hates us most of all for being Irish and now he goes around spinning his narrative across fooling more English into his bullshit he doesn’t even support Mosley what kind of an Anglo doesn’t support Sir Oswald Mosley or even Collin Jordan for that matter.

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