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  1. john smith says:

    I was around right at the beginning of the weekend warriors; thankfully i got dragged across the finish line of awareness, they are pernicious. thanks guys; great video

  2. Backgammon Player says:

    “We didn’t analyze this, we didn’t analyze that – LOL, you made a lot of great points my friends!
    Btw “Weekend Warriors” is the name of a song & album from Ted Nugent, the controlled opposition chameleon.

  3. Arminius – Germanic War Chief

  4. sin says:

    Wow I really miss your twitter, that sucks that the kikes axed it!

  5. Diddler On The Roof – Goyim Goddess

  6. Everybody Wants Joos – Filbert Apple Bag

  7. sin says:

    ATOMIC BOMB SECRETS – David J. Dionisi

    “So why did Truman’s controllers order Japan’s nuclear bombing? As I have grown increasingly aware of the ruthless Talmudic psychopathology of the Powers that Be, I cynically confided to friends, “I think they enjoyed it.”…..But Dionisi solves much more, especially the mystery of why Nagasaki was targeted…..After Christianity first reached Japan in the 16th century, it faced growing pains, including times of severe persecution, but gradually became established, centered in Nagasaki, which became nicknamed the “Japanese Vatican.” According to Dionisi’s research, in 1945 some 50,000 Nagasaki residents were Christians…..The “Fat Man” bomb from Bock’s Car detonated directly over Urakami Cathedral, the largest cathedral in the entire Orient. At Nagasaki (250,000 residents), 73,844 were killed, 74,909 injured, and more than 120,000 suffered radiation effects…..Dionisi insightfully notes: when Satanists conduct a human sacrifice, they believe they draw power from the victim’s death. At Nagasaki, over 70,000 lives, many of them Christians, were incinerated on a satanic altar.”


  8. Steve says:

    Granted, I do not approve of Red Ice’s flashing lights either. But subliminal messages? The only time I bothered looking for said subliminals is when the hosts from Renegade brought them up. I can guarantee you, if there were subliminals, they had zero effect on me. In the heavy revisionist alternative media – Renegade and Red Ice being just some I study – you have to wonder if Renegade is whittling down the competition for more viewership. Based on what I have seen of Red Ice and Renegade, it seems pointless to attack one or the other in our struggle against our Kosher common enemy. Am I wrong on this? Please enlighten me if so.

    1. boudicacious says:

      Yes, you’re wrong on this. Please watch: https://renegadevids.com/2018/04/06/maga-opus-rise-of-the-nazbols/

    2. Foster XL says:

      Yep, wrong Steve. It’s not an “attack” on one or the other in “our” struggle – it’s an exposure of the controlled opposition that is designed specifically to pull you away from any REAL source of truth/opposition so you end just following along behind (and paying for!) pied pipers who will lead you nowhere except further down the path of your own, and your family’s/kin’s/race’s, demise.

  9. Steve says:

    From what I have seen of Red Ice videos, I don’t believe it’s controlled opposition. In any case, I take the best from individual sites, with Renegade remaining tops for me.

  10. Don says:

    They seem to be trying to tell us just to give up and we are already dead. This may explain cowardice even in countries over 80% white.

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