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  1. Backgammon Player says:

    Beautiful song!
    What’s the latest theory or assessment why they’re spraying different metals? The official “conspiracy explanation” is that they want to reflect sunlight bc of global warming but we know that’s a lie bc catastrophic warming is a hoax. Is it an attempt to decrease our natural aggressiveness so that they can easier get away with their crimes? Or is a slow kill weapon which poisons us and our lands in the long run? Wouldn’t they be affected too or do they have an antidote? But wouldn’t we have heard about such an antidote if it was used by a large number of (((people)))? Mysterious and creepy…

  2. sin says:


    Chemtrails = DIRTY JEWISH CLOUDS = Human Bug Spray….Obviously, the KIKES ARE TRYING TO KILL US!….Poison is always the primary weapon of choice, poison in the water, poison in the air, poison in the food supply, poison in the soil!

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