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  1. Backgammon Player says:

    Beautiful song!
    What’s the latest theory or assessment why they’re spraying different metals? The official “conspiracy explanation” is that they want to reflect sunlight bc of global warming but we know that’s a lie bc catastrophic warming is a hoax. Is it an attempt to decrease our natural aggressiveness so that they can easier get away with their crimes? Or is a slow kill weapon which poisons us and our lands in the long run? Wouldn’t they be affected too or do they have an antidote? But wouldn’t we have heard about such an antidote if it was used by a large number of (((people)))? Mysterious and creepy…

  2. sin says:


    Chemtrails = DIRTY JEWISH CLOUDS = Human Bug Spray….Obviously, the KIKES ARE TRYING TO KILL US!….Poison is always the primary weapon of choice, poison in the water, poison in the air, poison in the food supply, poison in the soil!

    1. Backgammon Player says:

      You’re right again.
      While researching this subject I found a guy named Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt. Sounded German I thought and yes, he is. He’s one of the chemtrail criticizing gurus. Owns 2 clinics in the US where he is detoxifying people from aluminium contamination and other metals. At first glance he looked like a good guy, treating kids a.s.o. but then I saw him in the film “OVERCAST-CLIMATE ENGINEERING (CHEMTRAIL / GEOENGINEERING DOCUMENTARY)” together with Germany’s well-known anti-airport expansion, anti-chemtrail, anti-nukes etc. controlled opposition asshole Werner Altnickel. In his YT channel Altnickel presents the Identitarian Martin Sellner, the poser who was together with (((Lauren Southern))) on the ship C-Star, and other known frauds as the solution. Then I found people commenting that Klinghardt ripped off patients with sky-high treatment prices and that he endorsed tons of products, some of them proven as outright fraud.

      Summarizing, it is the case that there are successful detox treatments concerning chemtrails but they’re very expensive. That’s how (((they))) planned and do it. I should’ve known as it was the only logic explanation. Secondly, it’s like in all other crime sectors – Jews have positioned their controlled opposition actors and made them “famous”.

      Btw I hope your red wigglers are alive and producing. I just found an interesting article and will try it as I have an older LED flood light at hand: https://redlightman.com/blog/red-light-doubles-vermicompost-rate/

  3. Dane says:

    The pilots must really hate their friends and families. And hate them Self.

    I dont believe this

    1. boudicacious says:

      What makes you think these planes are driven by actual people? They have the technology to fly planes w out needing a pilot.

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